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Athletes Advisory Committee discusses the work plan for next year


Athletes Advisory Committee affiliated with the GCC Executive Office, held the 2nd meeting for this year yesterday, Tuesday, inline, headed by Asaad bin Mubarak Al Hasani, Chairman of the Committee for the current session – Chairman of Oman Athletes Committee.

During the meeting, a number of topics of common interest in the field of GCC sports were discussed, the most prominent of which was the discussion of the work plan of the Committee for the next year 2024, including a proposal to hold a workshop for youth athletes on the sidelines of the first GCC Sports Games for Youth, which will be held during the period from 16 April until May 2, 2024 in the United Arab Emirates, and another workshop during the same year for the adult category on the sidelines of the First GCC Games for Futsal and Martial Arts, which will be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the period from September 30 to October 9. During the workshops, many issues will be discussed which are of interest to athletes, most notably the issues of doping and its impact on athletes.

The committee also recommended developing a questionnaire to be distributed to players during their participation in GCC sports tournaments, in order to obtain their opinions, measure the extent of their satisfaction, and identify the ideas that they see as enhancing the development of the sports field in the GCC countries. The recommendations resulting from the meeting will be submitted to GCC Executive Office for approval.