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OOA launches a national program for coaches in Oman


Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), represented by Oman Olympic Academy (OOA), is organizing the first level of the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) during the period from September 24 to 28, within the framework of developing and enhancing the capabilities of sports coaches in Oman. This program constitutes an important step towards building a qualified training base in the field of sports training, and gives the opportunity for coaches to participate in an educational program that gives them a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, develop their skills and will have a positive impact in enhancing the performance of athletes in Oman and raising their technical levels.


The importance of the program comes as it is one of the tributaries, development and increase in the number of qualified sports coaches in the sports field for all sports, as it aims to support national coaches, qualify and develop their abilities, and keep pace with everything new in sports training at the global level under the supervision of international lecturers and experts in sports sciences. It is also considered a tributary. It is essential for the sports sector and an investment in the qualified national cadre in the training field as it is the basic knowledge base for the national coach and his qualification before engaging in specialized international courses from international and regional federations.


The program is managed by Dr. Shihab Al-Din bin Ahmed Al-Riyami, a certified international lecturer in sports training, and a number of lecturers and academics from universities and technical experts in sports federations, as well as international and national lecturers in sports accredited by international federations, will participate in presenting it. The program targets trainers from sports federations and committees, sports clubs, trainers from the military sector, and physical education students at universities and educational colleges.


The NCCP is based on advanced international programs for coaches in various modern sports sciences with the aim of refining the practical aspect of sports training, as it includes the first and second levels of training as well as specialized seminars.

The program includes a set of topics that will contribute to enhancing and developing the skills of participants in the field of sports training. These topics include the physiology of sports training, which helps coaches understand how physical exercise affects the body and how to exploit this knowledge in designing advanced training programs. In addition to sports psychology, which helps to deeply understand the psychology of athletes and how to deal with them effectively to achieve maximum athletic performance.


The program also addresses the subject of sports training science in all its aspects, as it allows participants to delve deeply into training curricula and implement them effectively. In addition to the topic of physical preparation and fitness requirements in sports, and planning in sports training with a focus on developing daily, monthly and annual plans that contribute to developing the performance of athletes, it also includes important aspects about preventing sports injuries and how to deal with them, in addition to pedagogy for coaches and tasks. The coach’s duties are to develop the athletes’ skills and contribute to achieving their sporting goals.

The program’s activities range from theoretical lectures that seek to provide participants with various sciences and studies as an essential part of the program’s strategy to ensure the provision of high-quality training. In addition to theoretical lectures, the program includes practical training sessions that give coaches a valuable opportunity to apply the concepts and skills they acquired during the lectures. These aspects are concerned with developing effective training skills and directing sports performance towards its maximum potential. On the other hand, group discussion sessions will be organized aimed at exchanging ideas and experiences between participants, enhancing interaction between them and contributing to expanding horizons of knowledge and increasing common understanding of various aspects of sports training.

It is worth mentioning that OOC, through OOA, seeks to strengthen some aspects of the sports sector by adopting such diverse programs that are based on the latest methods and technologies in the field of sports and target multiple groups within society, starting from athletes and ending with administrative and technical staff and coaches, with the aim of Enhancing the level of performance and achieving sporting excellence, and effectively contributing to building a promising future for sports in Oman, which enhances its position on the national and international sports scene.