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The “Step Forward” program reveals projects for women leaders in sports



The “Step Forward” program, organized by Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), represented by Oman Women Sports and Gender Equality Committee, continues in cooperation with “Ooredoo.” today morning, “Wednesday,” a workshop was held at Oman Olympic Academy to review and evaluate the projects of women sports leaders who participated in the program. This was done with the presence of Taha bin Sulaiman Al-Kushri, OOC Secretary General, and the evaluation committee consisting of Sayyida Sana bint Hamad Al-Busaidi, Chairwoman of Oman Women Sports and Gender Equality Committee, and Dr. Mansour bin Sultan Al-Tawqi, OOC Board Member and an expert in the Office of the Undersecretary for Sports and Youth at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, and Khalifa bin Saif Al-Issai, Advisor to Special Bodies in the Office of the Undersecretary for Sports and Youth at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth.


During the workshop, a visual presentation was given about the “Step Forward” Program, which is one of the most important programs organized by the Women’s Sports Committee this year, as it aims to develop women leaders in the sports and administrative fields, and provides the opportunity for participants to develop their administrative and leadership skills, enhances teamwork and personal development, and contributes to enhancing the status of women in the sports field. As well as to reflect positive thinking about setting goals and developing sports projects in a way that contributes to strengthening women’s sports in Oman. The program included holding a number of specialized workshops and practical training sessions that were held since last May, during which many practical applications were implemented and people with inspiring experiences and leadership figures related to the program were hosted.


The three groups then reviewed their proposed projects, and the focus was on providing an overview of the practical and implementation aspects to the evaluation committee with the aim of selecting the winning project and announcing it at the closing ceremony that will be held at the end of this month.


The first project is entitled “Developing public spaces in residential neighborhoods into sports parks” and is in line with Oman’s approach to humanizing cities and reviving residential areas. It takes advantage of public spaces to promote a healthy lifestyle. It consists of two padel courts, a multi-use court, an open mini-theater, in addition to a café and services building. The project provides safe spaces in the middle of residential neighborhoods to practice sports in a community nature that attracts all age groups in society, both genders. It is distinguished by being environmentally friendly through open facilities and adding to the aesthetics of the proposed site.


The second project is a proposal to establish an Oman e-sports academy that will provide amateurs with the opportunity to improve their skills, reach professionalism, and participate in global e-sports forums. It also gives them the opportunity to acquire knowledge in all areas of this sport to build a professional career that will make them future leaders of the e-sports sector. The academy will include an integrated team consisting of professional e-sports players and an elite group of trainers and experts in this field. The academy aims to create technological innovation, digital and cultural industries by providing a good environment for the development of e-sports, promoting the concept of sports tourism in Oman and making it an economic return to achieve Oman Vision 2040, in addition to creating an environment that helps develop elite athletes in Oman to compete in global tournaments.


The third group reviewed its project, which is a virtual sports platform that connects thousands of athletes, clubs, federations and sports committees. It includes a large group of different sports and can be considered a reference for the community and athletes to find information, data and services available without restrictions. The project aims to provide an attractive interactive environment rich in direct information, save effort and easy access to information through the research process, and fulfill the needs of the individual and society through various technical media. The project contains icons that serve as an aid in the process of searching for the required data in the shortest possible time, with the least effort and with the highest levels of quality.


Regarding the program, Sayyida Sanaa Al Busaidiyah, said: The “Step Forward” program included holding five interactive workshops for self-development and achieving aspirations of reaching the top in the fields of leadership and management and working in groups to present project ideas. This also includes hosting inspiring personalities, meeting them, and presenting their most prominent experiences, then evaluating the groups’ projects through a neutral evaluation committee to test the best projects.

She pointed out that the aim of the cooperation with (Ooredoo) is to advance women’s sports and strive to adopt and invest in the projects of this program and achieve them on the ground, as this cooperation translates the visions and ideas on which the Oman 2040 Vision is based, which is based on providing the appropriate environment for women to participate in various sports. Aspects of life, including sports, in a way that enhances its status and enables it to participate effectively in the comprehensive and sustainable development efforts that the Sultanate of Oman is going through.


Sayyida Sanaa Al Busaidiyah also emphasized the efforts made by thethe committee in providing opportunities for women’s sports leaders and developing women’s sports work in the General Directorates of Culture, Sports and Youth in the governorates, federations and sports clubs through a number of sports programs and events with the aim of reaching professionalism.