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Sub-Committees discuss the regulations of joint GCC action in the sports field


During the past two days, the 1st meeting of the Sub-Committees of Their Highnesses, Excellencies, and GCC NOCs Heads was held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, after it was recently formed which represented in Women’s Sports Committee, Athletes Committee, Paralympic Committee and the Sports Committee, and Sports Committee.


Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) was represented in the meetings by Sayyidah Sana Hamad Al Busaidi, Chairwoman of Oman Women’s Sports and Gender Equality Committee- and Dr. Mansour Sultan Al Touqi, OOC Board Member – Chairman of Oman Paralympic Committee, and Asaad Mubarak Al-Hasani, Chairman of Oman Athletes Committee, and Dr. Amer Humaid Al-Touqi, Director of the Sports Bodies Department at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth – Member of the Sports Committee.


During the meetings, decisions to form the four Sub-committees related to organizing and following-up joint sports work were reviewed, and the organizational structure and internal system of the joint work bodies in the sports field was reviewed, which clarifies the progress of work in implementing the plans, goals and policies set by Their Highnesses, Excellencies, and Excellencies, GCC NOCs heads. These bodies are the ministerial committees, the undersecretaries’ committee, the technical committees, the Sports Arbitration Committees, and the General Secretariat.


The tasks of the Sub-committees issued by the Executive Office were reviewed, their terms of reference were discussed, and some observations were submitted to the office for study, opinion and approval, in addition to reviewing the regulations for joint work in the sports field and discussing some parts related to the regulations of the sports tournament.


It is worth noting that the Council of Their Highnesses, Excellencies, and Excellencies, GCC NOCs heads, adopted in its 34th meeting held last October the decision to dissolve the organizing committees, and to form 4 Sub-committees for organizing and following up the joint sports action, represented by the Sports Committee, the Women’s Sports Committee, and the Athletes’ Committee. And the Paralympic Committee, provided that it is linked directly to the Executive Office, and carries out its work according to the tasks assigned to it, and the presidency of these committees is according to the state of the presidency of GCC.