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OOC approves participation in the Asian Games with seven sports


The Board of Directors of Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) held its 2nd meeting for this year today morning, “Tuesday”, headed by Khalid bin Muhammad Al Zubair, OOC Chairman.


The meeting witnessed a review of many topics of importance for the next stage, the most important of which is the review and discussion of the report submitted by the technical team formed for the topic of international participations that fall under the umbrella of OOC, which includes games and competitions that qualify for participation in the 19th Asian Games that will be held in China during the period from September 23. Until October 8, 2023, according to the analysis and statistical data of the proposed games and their conformity with the foundations and standards set by the committee and the results of participation during the seasons 2022-2023, and the continental and international classification of games and competitions.


In light of what was discussed, the Board of Directors approved participation in the Asian Games in seven sports, namely athletics, weightlifting, sailing, shooting, hockey, beach volleyball, and swimming. The technical equipment prepared for it and the coordination that took place with its specialists and technical staff to ensure full readiness to compete at the highest levels and achieve the desired results.

The Board also reviewed the financial position, and the auditor’s report of financial statements for the 2nd quarter of this year, in addition to developments in the existing coordination with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth to follow up on the implementation of the recommendations approved by the joint meeting that brought together officials of the Ministry and OOC.

OOC preparations to host the meetings of the advisory committees and the executive office meeting of their Highnesses and Excellencies, GCC NOCs, to be held during the last quarter of this year, were discussed.

The Board of Directors concluded the meeting by reviewing several important issues and taking the necessary decisions in their regard.