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The 3rd Chapter of the Advanced Sports Management Diploma Program launched


The Advanced Sports Management Diploma Program for Sports Institutions 2023 continues for the 3rd month in a row. Yesterday morning, “Tuesday,” the 3rd chapter of the program was launched, which is organized by Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) represented by Oman Olympic Academy (OOA) in cooperation with International Olympic Solidarity, and it continues for three continuous days.


The 3rd chapter is titled “Human Resources Management in the Olympic Sports Institution through the Development of Laws, Regulations and Employment Procedures”, and includes many related axes such as understanding the role and management of human resources in the sports institution, the development and application of regulations and instructions for the good management of human resources, as well as the preparation and development applying strategies for human resources, in addition to defining the main principles and actions to attract, recruit and motivate human resources, implement the development policy through training, and develop effective management skills for human resources.


The 3rd chapter is presented by the lecturer, Saud bin Badr Ambo Saeedi, with the participation of more than 20 students from various sports institutions, where the participants will receive two certificates at the end of the program, which are a diploma certificate from IOC, which is granted upon passing the pre-established standards, and a certificate of attendance and participation from OOA, a member of IOC after passing all seven seasons.


The Advanced Sports Management Diploma Program is one of the most important programs offered by Olympic Solidarity at IOC, because it contains modern skills and concepts for leaders and executives in sports institutions. The basic dimensions that would serve these bodies, organizations and committees to raise and develop the administrative level.