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The launch of the 2nd chapter of the Advanced Sports Management Diploma Program


Yesterday morning, “Sunday,” the 2nd chapter of the Advanced Sports Management Diploma Program 2023 for sports institutions, organized by Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), represented by Oman Olympic Academy (OOA), in cooperation with International Olympic Solidarity, kicked off. The chapter ends tomorrow evening, Tuesday.


It is titled “Strategic Management in the Work of the Olympic Sports Institution through the preparation, implementation and evaluation of a good strategic plan”.  In addition to developing and implementing plans to achieve strategic objectives, and assisting the Board of Directors in evaluating their impacts.


The 2nd chapter, which lasts for three continuous days, is presented by the lecturer, Hisham bin Salem Al-Adwani, the accredited director of the Advanced Sports Management Diploma Program from International Olympic Committee (IOC), with the participation of more than 20 students from various sports bodies and institutions.


The program aims to provide the highest level of development for participants who work in the sports and Olympic administrative fields in general, and to highlight the basic dimensions that serve these bodies, organizations and committees to raise and develop the administrative level.


It is worth mentioning that the Advanced Sports Management Diploma Program is held in the form of workshops for three days per month in seven chapters, so that these workshops cover the six chapters of the book Management of Olympic Sports Organizations, which is the latest book in the field of sports presented by International Olympic Solidarity. The 7th chapter is devoted to presenting  the final studies and projects of the participants and the evaluation of the general outcome of this program. IOC grants a diploma in the Advanced Sports Management Program after the study submitted by each student fulfills the conditions for submission and evaluation by the program director.