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The Women’s Sports Committee organizes “A Step Forward” program in cooperation with Ooredoo



Today, Thursday morning, the first workshop of the Step Forward Program organized by Oman Olympic Committee, represented by Oman Women Sports and Gender Equality Committee, will start in cooperation with the Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company “Ooredoo” during the period from May 18 to July 28, 2023 at the Intercity Hotel Muscat.


The program aims at self-development and empowering women’s sports leaders administratively, leadership and technically by setting plans for career development and professional advancement, preparing participants, developing their skills, training and guiding them, and enhancing their teamwork culture by focusing on administrative and professional development, within the framework of integrating roles between Oman Women Sports and Gender Equality Committee to develop women’s sports in Oman.


The program was presented by Aisha bint Salem Al Shuaili, Head of the Social Responsibility Department for Branding Companies and Communications at Ooredoo. It contains many theoretical and practical applications, as it is held in five workshops with the participation of 20 trainees of women’s sports leaders from federations, committees, sports clubs, directorates and departments affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth.


During the workshops, work will be done on building and establishing projects and supporting them, hosting a number of speakers related to the program, and learning to support the environmental aspect. In addition to presenting and discussing a set of axes, including ambition and how to set goals, power and politics, self-interest, communication, and ways to develop basic skills which qualify leadership positions through self-development and approved training methods.