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OOC general assembly discusses the basis for selecting national teams in the international participations and OOC axes of work for the coming period



The General Assembly of Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) held its regular meeting for the year 2023 yesterday morning, “Tuesday” at the Crowne Plaza Hotel – Al Irfan, under the chairmanship of Khalid bin Muhammad Al Zubair, OOC Chairman, in the presence of members of the Board of Directors, members of the General Assembly, a representative of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, Youth and various media.

The meeting began with a speech by Khaled Al-Zubair, Chairman of the Oman Olympic Committee, during which he welcomed the attendees, thanking them for accepting the invitation, and wishing that the meeting would be crowned with effectiveness and success in accordance with the approved agenda.

In his speech, Al-Zubair referred to some of the projects that were completed by the Board of Directors during the past year, which are projects aimed at developing and completing the institutional OOC work system in the administrative, organizational, financial and technical aspects. This is to establish a solid base for organized work and to achieve a qualitative shift in the performance, enabling it to play its important roles alongside its partners in advancing the sports sector and the Omani Olympic movement in accordance with its terms of reference and the goals for which it was established nationally and internationally. It is a systematic document that was participatoryly formulated by the members of the Board of Directors after the new formation of the Board in February of last year. The document includes eleven axes, and is considered a road map for the work, and it is not limited to projects and programs related to the terms of reference of the committee, but also includes broad aspects of complementary work with the main partners from government agencies and the private sector. Among them, for example, is a project for a comprehensive survey of the components of the Omani sports system, which aims to create a unified database that enables various agencies and partners to assess the current situation, optimal use of available resources and proper planning for the future of Omani sports. As well as projects of interest to school and university sports as the main source of national teams with glorious and promising elements, and other developmental programs and projects for various fields of work, including the external participation of national teams, where a clear framework has been established for its governance through the adoption of controls and standards for the external participation of national teams according to the nature and objectives of each category of GCC, continental and international competitions.

The Chairman also stated that the Council has formed a number of sub-committees headed by a number of members of the Board of Directors and with the participation of volunteer national cadres. A regulation regulating the work of the sub-committees has been developed and approved. These committees have drawn up their annual plans and started activating their various programs within the limits of their available financial budgets.

He added, “In order to complete the organizational structure of the committee in accordance with international standards, a draft financial regulation has been developed. It is one of the important regulations that did not exist previously. A draft regulation for the work of Oman Athletes Committee has also been developed, and it was drafted in accordance with the recommendations of International Olympic Committee (IOC) in In this regard, and by following the best practices in this aspect. The aforementioned two projects are among the important projects that have reached an advanced stage of preparation in preparation for their approval.

Khaled Al-Zubair indicated in his speech that the financial budgets of OOC represent the biggest challenge to achieve the actual breakthrough and the desired qualitative leap, and that changing the work philosophy and developing the relationship between the various components of the Omani sports and Olympic movement and raising it from the level of coordination to the level of true and binding partnership for the concerned authorities remains one of the most important the goals and challenges that OOC is working on at this stage with the aim of making sports and Omani athletes at the highest level of priority in the work of the various sports bodies and concerned institutions.

Al-Zubair also stated that OOC has worked during the previous periods and until today according to the capabilities available to it and the available human and financial resources, and within the limits available to it to exercise its specializations and important roles in contributing effectively to the development of Omani sports, starting from school and community sports, through sports. Competitiveness and reaching a high level. He also indicated that the Board is looking forward, based on the directives and vision of His Highness Sayyid Dhi Yazan bin Haitham, Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, to establish a new phase based on empowering OOC and sports federations and committees administratively, financially and technically. This is to move forward towards completing the stages of sports development in Oman, so that the sports sector is a contributing and effective sector in the comprehensive and renewable development process led by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, and the support and confidence of the main partners from the government sectors and private sector institutions and the active contribution from families and the entire Omani society.

The Chairman concluded his speech by emphasizing OOC’s keenness to place the supreme interest of athletes and national teams at the top of its priorities, and his call on everyone to direct the largest percentage of the available resources to enhance care for athletes and support plans to prepare them and put them in the position of the primary goal and in the essence of sports work, in a way that supports their chances to raise the flag of Oman is flying high in the sky of international sports forums in the upcoming events in the medium and long term.

After that, the meeting began, where the agenda items were reviewed, and the minutes of the previous meeting of the General Assembly, which was held on February 28, 2022, were approved.

The attendees also reviewed OOC annual report, which includes the activities of the committee for the year ending 2022. Where many events were organized at the internal level, including the Olympic Day in the Wilayat of Sur, the activity of our active society in the Wilayat of Salalah, the event of the Omani Youth Day in the Wilayat of Sohar, and the sports track program that was held at the committee’s headquarters for three days, in addition to organizing the first athletes’ forum in the state of Sohar. The 2nd was in the state of Salalah, and the symposium on sports medicine and anti-doping that was held in cooperation with Oman International Hospital, and the Oman Challenge Program for Women Sports Leaders in the state of Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar, which was held last October. The report also includes the most important business and administrative decisions taken by the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and the sub-committees in their meetings held during the year, and the reports and technical results of the external participation of the committee, which were represented in the 3rd GCC sports games that were held in Kuwait last May, and the 5th Sports Games of Islamic Solidarity, which were held in Konya, Turkey, in August 2022.

OOC activities and events for the current year 2023 were reviewed, the most important of which is the international participations. According to the official invitations received, it is expected that it will participate in four sports tournaments represented in the 2nd World Beach Games (Bali) in Indonesia, and the Nineteenth Asian Games (Hangzhou) in China, and the 6th Asian Indoor Games (Bangkok) in Thailand, and the 1st GCC youth sports tournament countries that will be held in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to reviewing the internal activities and programs approved by the Board of Directors to be held or scheduled to be held this year according to the available capabilities. This includes the Olympic Day, the approved Oman Olympic Academy programs for this year, and a group of sports, awareness and social events that were included in the activities of the sub-committees of the Board of Directors, and other programs.

During the meeting, the final account for the fiscal year ending 2022 was reviewed and approved, and the auditor’s report for the previous year, in addition to presenting the draft estimated budget for the current fiscal year 2023.

The General Assembly concluded its regular meeting for this year by discussing a number of questions and proposals submitted by the members of the General Assembly.