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Al-Kishry receives Oman national boxing champions


Taha bin Sulaiman Al-Kishry, Secretary General of Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), received in his office yesterday morning, “Tuesday,” the champions of Oman who were crowned with a number of medals, namely the player Fares bin Ahmed Al-Muqbali, who won the gold medal in weight of 92 kg, and the player Firas bin Fida Al Balushi, who won the silver medal in weight of 56 kg who was in the fifth Katara Open Boxing Championship held in Qatar from 15 to 18 February.


The meeting was attended by the Olympic boxing trainer Afaf Al-Qarniyeh, the first Qatari female boxer, Nasser bin Ali Al-Eisari, President of the Master Academy for Martial Arts, and the academy players and administrators.


Al-Kishry, on behalf of OOC Chairman and Board Members, congratulated the champions who won medals in their first international participation in boxing, wishing them and all Omani athletes to achieve more achievements and represent Oman well in international events.