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OOA organizes the “E -Sports, Future Sports ” Course




Tomorrow, Tuesday, the ” E -Sports, Future Sports ” Course, organized by Olympic Olympic Academy (OOA), will start and will last for 3 days, in cooperation with Oman E-Sports Committee. The course aims to spread cultural awareness about e-sports due to the growing interest during the past few years and as one of the official sports recognized in many countries of the world, as it aims to introduce the participants in the e-games industry and the awareness of the psychological factors associated with it and the risks and how to deal with it.

27 candidates from OOC, federations, sports committees, club employees, and those interested in e-sports and their practitioners will be attended by Asma Al Yahya, a member of Oman E-Sports Committee – Member of the Women’s Committee of the Arab Federation for E-Sports.

The course includes many theoretical axes and practical episodes, where the history of electronic sports, the concept of electronic sports, E-Sports and the difference between them, the classification of games and E-Sports, its importance, the psychological factor in electronic sports, the E-Sports industry, in addition to reviewing the professional experience of one of the players in E-Sports.