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E-Sports, the future sport course



Today.. E-Sports, the future sport course, organized by Oman Olympic Academy (OOA) for a period of 3 days, will conclude this evening, Thursday, with the participation of 27 participants from Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), sports federations, and a number of club members, interested parties and E-Sports practitioners, in cooperation with OOC For games and e-sports.

The session was attended by Asma Al Yahya, member of Oman for E-Sports – member of Women sports Committee of Arab Federation for E-Sports. The importance of the course lies in spreading cultural awareness about e-sports due to the growing interest in it during the past few years and as one of the official sports recognized in many countries of the world, and its great importance in many economic, mental, social and health fields. It is an important marketing channel for consumer brands, It positively affects physical activity, and e-sports help players to make decisions and implement responses more quickly, and enhance social and emotional learning skills.


Today, the most important risks to the e-sports player will be discussed, and the recommendations put forward in scientific research to manage these risks in a way that improves performance and enhances health. E-Sports committee, the date of its publication and objectives, will also be discussed, in addition to addressing the relationship between physical sports and e-sports.


Yesterday, the experiences of two players of the national team for games and e-sports, Imran Al-Dhahili and Sarah Al-Amriya, were reviewed. They talked about the beginning of their sports career, their most important international participations and achievements, as well as the challenges facing the e-sports player, and finally their future ambitions in the game. Al Yahya also touched on the most important psychological factors facing players, their causes and sources, in addition to finding and developing strategies to deal with them. And there was talk about the e-sports industry, which means the participation of a group of sectors in order to activate and serve e-sports activity and push the wheel of the economy in this type of sports, as well as the parties involved in the industry.


At the end of the course, participants will acquire many skills and scientific information about electronic sports, familiarity with the methods of their manufacture, the most common risks for players and ways to prevent them. The course also provides the opportunity for them to meet and activate joint cooperation between them in the field of games and e-sports.

It is worth noting that OOC, in its last meeting, approved four training courses within the agenda of OOA for the fourth quarter of 2022, namely the e-sports course, the future sport, and the course of physical activity and community health, which will be held next October, in addition to organizing two courses in November, they are: Sports Governance, and the School Sports Tournament as one of the tributaries of Oman sports.