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Oman concludes the participation in the Islamic Solidarity Games by winning 4 medals



Oman sports delegation concluded the participation in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games, which was held from August 9-18 in Konya, Turkey with 55 participating Islamic countries.

The champion of our national team, Fatek Beit Jaaboub, succeed to win the gold medal in the high jump competition, and the national weightlifting team, Amer Al-Khanjari, gave Oman the silver medal in the weightlifting competitions of 89 kg by lifting 194 kg in the netter competition, breaking his previous personal record of 179 kg. Barakat Al Harthy, Ammar Al Seifi, Mohammed Al Saadi and Ali Al Balushi won the bronze medal in the 4 100 x meter relay events, setting a new Omani record with a time of 39.21 seconds. Meanwhile, the last medals for the star of our national athletics team was runner Barakat Al-Harthy, who succeed to achieve the bronze medal in the 100-meter sprint with a time of 9.99 seconds.

This is the fourth participation of the Sultanate of Oman in history in the Islamic Solidarity courses, and the delegation of our national teams participating in the 5th edition in the Turkey, Konya consisted of (30) male and female players among more than 5000 participating athletes, who competed in (5) various sports among 24 different sports. With five Omani teams represented in Oman Athletics Federation, Oman Cycling Federation, Oman Swimming Federation, Oman Shooting Federation, and Oman Weightlifting Committee.

Regarding the conclusion of the participation of our national teams, Saif bin Sebaa Al-Rashidi, head of Oman delegation, praised the levels at which the participating Omani athletes and their technical and administrative bodies appeared, whether through achieving colored medals or through good results and numbers for the rest of the players.


Saif Al-Rashidi said: We are pleased with the results achieved by the players of our national teams compared to the size and strength of the competition and the number of athletes who represented Oman in the tournament. In the overall ranking among the 55 participating countries.


Al-Rashidi praised the Omani athletes who represented the Sultanate of Oman well in the tournament by achieving various medals and breaking their personal numbers, which will undoubtedly enhance their confidence and their capabilities to win medals in the upcoming competitions.


The head of the participating Omani mission also praised the delegation accompanying the mission, including administrative, medical and media cadres, for the great work they did in providing all means of support, both in their respective fields of specialization, and their tireless work to facilitate the needs of the participants and the technical and administrative bodies, expressing his pride in the capabilities and professionalism of the Omani cadres.

On the other hand, Al-Rashidi thanked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth for the continuous support and cooperation with Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) to provide support, harness all possibilities and facilitate procedures for the federations and committees participating in the tournament.


In the cycling competitions, our national team participated in the 130 km road race, which was held with the participation of 70 cyclists from 20 countries, where the cyclist Mazen Al Riyami came in 31st place, cutting the distance in 3:03:53 hours, 5 minutes and 45 seconds from the medal winner Turkish gold medalist Mehmet Cankhanlu, a professional in several teams since 2016, cut the distance in a time of 2 hours 58 minutes and 8 seconds. The cyclist Munther Al-Hasani ranked 36th with a time of 3:04:03 hours, and the cyclists Saeed Al-Rahbi, Abdul Rahman Al-Yaqoubi and Muhammad Al-Wahaibi achieved the 48th, 50th and 51st places, respectively, interrupting the race with a time of 3:32:03 hours.


In the shooting competitions, our national shooting team players presented positive results, despite their failure to win medals in the competitions in which 117 shooters participated, representing 21 countries. To break his previous personal record of 118 points. Al-Ramayyan Muhammad Al-Gharbi and Fatima Al-Sulaimiya also won the fifth place in the mixed skate shooting competition, achieving 136 points out of 150.

In the shotgun (male) competition, Hussain Al-Shahoumi ranked 16th with 116 bowls out of 125, while Abdullah Al-Mandhari ranked 22nd with 113 bowls out of 125, while the shooter Salim Al-Nasiri ranked 23rd with 112 bowls out of 125. In the dirt competition (female), Reem Al-Hosani ranked 11th with 111 dishes out of 125, while Fakhriya Al-Jahafieh ranked 13th with 107 points out of 125. Al-Ramyan Hussain Al-Shahoumi and Reem Al-Hosani won 9th place in the mixed dirt shooting competition. By scoring 128 points out of 150.


This is the second most important sporting event after the Olympic Games; For the number of participants in the Islamic Solidarity Games. The Islamic Solidarity Games are an important sporting event in which multinational athletes participate, organized by the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation, which was established on May 6, 1985 in Riyadh, under the auspices of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The Islamic Solidarity Games were scheduled to start from 20 to 29 August 2021, but the Federation of Islamic Solidarity Games decided to postpone the tournament to the beginning of September of the same year due to its conflict with the date of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, so that the Federation rescheduled it to August of the year The current precautionary measure against the spread of the Corona epidemic.