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The Arab Women’s Sports Forum honors Sayyida Sana Al Busaidi for her role in activating Oman women’s sports



Sayyida Sana bint Hamad Al Busaidi, Chairman of Oman Women’s Sports and Gender Equality Committee, was present at the 1st forum for Arab women’s sports, which was held in the Arab Republic of Egypt during the period from 23 to 24 March.

The forum aimed to shed light on Arab women that were able to achieve successes in various fields of sport, whether in the field of international and Olympic practice, or in the fields of sports management. As well as, to highlight the role of federations, bodies, women’s associations and civil society organizations in encouraging and motivating women to practice sports, and to reach women athletes to leadership positions and podiums globally and creating a space for creativity and sports practice.


During the forum, Sayyida Sanaa Al Busaidi, who contributed to advancing the women’s sports movement in Oman and spreading the culture of women’s sports in society through many programmes, activities and projects related to women’s sports activities, was honored, in addition to honoring a number of women sports leaders in various Arab countries and Arab players who have been awarded Olympic medals in all Arab countries throughout Olympic history.  Various models of successful Arab sports figures experiences were also reviewed.


In the 2nd session of the forum, Sayyida Sana spoke about the announcement of Oman Women’s Sports Committee in 2004 and the most important participation of the Committee in GCC championships, and the great interest of Oman Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth in activating women’s activities in bodies working in the field of sports and their activation and integration in  public life. In addition to consolidating its connection with society, and giving it the opportunity to be on the boards of directors of sports federations with the aim of promoting women’s sports in Oman.