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Within OCA programs and in coordination with NOCs in Asia

 Referees and coaches of our national teams participate in a number of training courses in Kuwait


As part of its ongoing interest and coordination with sports federations and committees, Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) has sent a number of coaches and referees selected from their three federations: Oman Volleyball Association, Oman Handball Association, and Oman Swimming Association in training courses for coaches and referees organized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) in its headquarters in Kuwait during the period from 20 to 26 March, within the framework of OOC keenness to benefit from all available Asian and international programs in the field of qualifying and training the technical staff of the national teams, referees and administrators. As well as, providing them with the necessary skills and competencies with the aim of developing Omani athletes, especially technicians and administrators, and developing their levels to create a promising and capable sports generations who will serves sports according to international standards.

The courses include many diverse topics and tests in the areas of volleyball, handball and swimming. The Volleyball Coaches Course deals with the roles of leadership coaches, rules of the game, theories and principles of volleyball training, modern methods of training and resistance exercises.  As for the swimming coaches course, it includes the mechanisms and methods of selecting talents using the correct scientific methods, and the skills of freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and diving for both elite and age groups athletes. As for the handball coaches course, it includes planning methods in training and defense skills, strength and endurance exercises for practitioners of this game, attacking and passing skills, and speed exercises in the game, in addition to warm-up and stretching exercises and preparing long-term plans for the development of players.

Special courses for referees, to review updates to arbitration laws in sports, management of local and international competitions, practical applications of arbitration rules, general discussions in the laws, theory tests and practical exercises in the gym.