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OOA organizes two courses for talent selection and strategic planning for institutions


Today morning, “Sunday”, a course for the medical selection of sports talents organized by Oman Olympic Academy (OOA) began online, with the participation of a number of sports federations and committees, and will last for 3 days.

The course aims to shed light on the most important elements of talent selection represented in the health and medical impact of the talents. As wee as, reviewing the experiences of leading countries such as Britain, Japan and America in this field. At the end of the course, participants will be able to identify the levels of selection for talents, and the correct foundations for managing the medical and health file and the future impact of the athlete and the most important medical examinations during the selection periods.

The course will be lectured by Professor Wissam Al-Sheikhly, President of the International Federation of Sports Sciences – Director of the Scientific Academy for Research and Training in London, who has previously chaired many scientific sessions, participated in dozens of Arab and international scientific conferences and symposiums, and presented several international lectures.  He also presented many research and scientific papers in the field of disabled people and sports injuries, and held several positions, including the position of Secretary-General and founder of the Association of Arab Academics for Sports Sciences, a member of the International Federation of Sports Medicine, the European and British Federation of Sports Medicine, and the Scientific Committee of Sports Medicine “FIFA”.

During the first day of the course, the professor touched on the British method of selecting talents and the scientific rules for selection.  During other days of the course, the focus will be on the future impact of the athlete through medical examinations and management of the medical file of the talents.

By the end of the course, participants will acquire many skills and knowledge, including how to prepare a specialized cadre for the selection of talents from a health side, and learn about the importance of health synchronization with the physical and skill selection of talented people and their impact on future, in addition to learning about the work of leading countries in this field and benefiting from them.

After tomorrow, “Tuesday”, the strategic planning course for sports institutions will be launched, organized by OOA, in the context of enabling participants to define the goals of sports institutions and link them to the functions of administrative work and institutional organization, while providing them with methods and methods of systematic planning that help them determine the direction of future work.  The course will continue until next Thursday, and it will be presented by Dr. Mansour bin Sultan Al-Touqi, President of Oman Paralympic Committee – a lecturer accredited by the International Olympic Committee.