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Al-Kishry participates in the meeting of the executive office of OOC GCC Olympic committees Chairmen


Taha bin Sulaiman Al-Kishri, Oman Olympic Committee(OOC) Secretary General – member of the Executive Office of GCC Olympic Committees, participated in the 90 meeting of the Executive Office of GCC Olympic Committees, which was held today afternoon “Sunday” via video call, in the presence of Khaled Ben Ali Al-Adi, OOC Treasurer, and Badr bin Ali Awlad Thani, a member of the Coordination and Following-up Committee.

During the meeting, the topics that will be presented and discussed in the thirty-second meeting of GCC Olympic committees, were reviewed during the meeting, in addition to what was stated in the agenda of the meeting, the most important of which was the formation of the Board of Trustees of the Gulf Sports Dispute Resolution Commission, and the review of the strategy for developing joint action in The sporting field for the GCC countries (2021-2026), and the latest findings of the organizing committee for the third Gulf sports tournament, which will be held in Kuwait during the first quarter of next year, school sports, and international cooperation.

During the meeting, the work regulations of the Coordination and Following-up Committee at the Executive Office were approved, which works to achieve the plan for developing joint work in the sports field approved by the heads of the GCC Olympic Committees and following up on the work of the GCC sports tournaments agreed upon, consisting of one representative from each National Olympic Committee in the GCC countries.

The attendees reviewed the memorandum of the General Secretariat on the organizing committees for sports in the GCC countries, re-examining their status and governance, and enhancing their role in activating joint GCC sports, as well as the proposal for the establishment of a (virtual) Gulf Games in order to ensure uninterrupted communication between the people of the GCC countries and to establish sports activities through virtual reality. In light of the conditions the world is experiencing due to the Corona pandemic.

The ninetieth meeting of the GCC Executive Office concluded with a discussion of many issues in the item of new work.

Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad Al Busaidi, OOC Chairman, will participate tomorrow afternoon in the thirty-second meeting through video conference, in the presence of Sheikh Saif bin Hilal Al Hosani, OOC Vice President, and Taha bin Sulaiman Al-Koshari – OOC Secretary General, and Saada Bint Salem Al Ismailia – OOC Board Member.