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Sports media course in the digital time kicks off “remotely”

Sports media course in the digital time 2020, organized by the Oman Olympic Academy (OOA) “remotely “, started yesterday morning “Tuesday” and will continue until Thursday. The course aims to provide media professionals and all connected to sports media, including athletes, technicians and administrators, with modern aspects in sports media coverage and available publishing platforms, and the characteristics of producing sports content for each, in addition to providing them with the skills of dealing with media.

Dr. Saba Naguib Jarrar – Head of the Sports Sciences Department at the Arab American University in Palestine, will lecture in the course, and 15 media representatives from Oman Olympic Committee, Sports Federations and Committees, and various media institutions will participate.

The course includes many topics including a map of global, regional and national sports media, new sports publishing platforms “social media”, basic skills in covering sports affairs for different publishing platforms, basic skills in writing for sports publishing platforms, in addition to the skills of athletes and those responsible for sports in different media.