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Fencing add two gold, silver at GCC Youth Game

Swimming snatch two bronze

Oman fencing team added three medals, two gold and one silver, on Tuesday at Zayed Sports Complex in Fujairah, to conclude the competitions with 11 medals, which is part of first edition of GCC Youth Game, held in UAE from April 16 to May 2.

Oman’s medal tally rose to 58 medals. Oman athletes were able to collect 18 gold, 13 silver and 27 bronze medals from 15 sports.


Oman national fencing team was able to snatch the gold medal in the men’s epée, a silver medal in men’s foil, and gold in women’s epée.

The list of men included Ahmed bin Anwar Kaskas, Saeed bin Khaled al Shuaibi, Ali bin Hamad al Busaidy, Ammar bin Mohammed al Azizi.

The women’s team were Jana bint Mohammed al Sharijiyah, Salma bint Saeed al Daghishiyah and Ghazal bint Youssef al Falitiyah. Israa bint Saif al Siyabiyah.


As Oman fencing claimed 8 medals on Monday, Ahmed Kaskas snatched gold, while Saeed al Shuaibi claimed bronze in Men’s Épée. Ahmed Kaskas claimed silver in Men’s Foil, and Saeed al Shuaibi and Ali al Busaidy ranked bronze for each. Jana al Shariji won Gold in women’s Épée, and Salma al Daghishiyah won bronze. Israa al Siyabiyah grabbed silver in women’s Foil.



Omani swimmer Moath Khamis snatched the bronze medal in the 50m freestyle race. Husain Tariq won bronze medal in 200m breaststroke, Mohammed Abdulrahman finished sixth in 200m medley race, Mishal Salim finished fifth in 50m freestyle, and the swimming men team finished fourth 4*100 freestyle.


Oman fencing player Saeed al Shuaibi expressed her happiness after the win, “I am happy to obtain two bronze medals on the first day, and two medals as a team on the second day, we sought to win gold, but the competition was strong, and we did well. We prepared for this participation by internal camps and we benefited, we hope to record more achievements in the coming participation.”

Ahmed bin Anwar Kaskas, who won gold and silver medals on the first day of the competitions, and two gold medals in team category, said that “The results were good on the first day, as we succeeded in winning a large number of medals. We expected to win more medals, but the game system, they held more than one game at the same time, was an obstacle for us to participate in more than two games. We thank the technical staff and oman olympic committee for their great work”.

Israa al Siyabi, who won silver medal in foil weapon on the first day, and gold medal within a team on second day said that “I am satisfied with what we achieved, we aspired to win gold but we were unlucky at the last moment. We benefited a lot, we hope to obtain other participations in the future in order to develop the technical level. We thank the Olympic Committee for all their efforts.”