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Fencing snatch 8 medals, swimming 2 bronze at GCC Youth Game


Oman fencing team grabbed 8 medals at the beginning, two gold, two silver and 4 bronze. While Omani swimmers snatched two bronze on the second day of the competition, within the first edition of GCC Youth Game in UAE, which will continue until May 2.

Oman’s medal tally rose to 53 medals in the first edition of GCC Youth Games, being held in the UAE from April 16 to May 2. Oman athletes were able to collect 16 gold, 12 silver, and 25 bronze medals from 15 sports, including sailing, football, golf, taekwondo, water sports, athletics, handball, volleyball, basketball, chess, fencing, table tennis, billiard, snooker and equestrian

Ahmed bin Anwar Kaskas snatched the gold medal, while Saeed bin Khaled al Shuaibi claimed the bronze medal in Cadet Men’s Épée.

Ahmed bin Anwar Kaskas claimed silver medal in Cadet Men’s Foil competition, while Saeed bin Khaled al Shuaibi and Ali bin Hamad al Busaidy ranked bronze medal for each (repeated).

Jana bint Mohammed al Sharijiyah won Gold medal in Cadet Women’s Épée competitions, and her teammate Salma bint Saeed al Daghishiyah won bronze in the same game.

Israa bint Saif al Siyabiyah grabbed silver medal in Cadet Women’s Foil.


Oman national swimming team continue the competition for the third day, in Abu Dhabi Club. Omani Hilal bin Suliman al Mashari snatched the bronze medal in the 200m backstroke race. Mishal bin Salim al Kelabi ranked bronze medal in 100m freestyle, and finished fourth place in 50m butterfly for ages 16 and 17.

Ali bin Adil al Hesani finished sixth in the 400m freestyle race. Mohammed bin Khamis al Wehibi came forth in the 50m butterfly race. Mohammed Abdulrahman came eighth in the 200m backstroke race. Moath bin Khamis al Shebani won fifth place in the 100m freestyle race.


Taha bin Sulaiman al Koshari, Secretary-General of Oman Olympic Committee, talks about the competitions in UAE, “Our attendance in the tournament is positive. Where the sports committees vision was agreed to achieve certain medals, there was a technical team that met with the teams and sports committees, there were more than 15 teams wanted to participate, but the executive office worked on the recommendations of the technical committee to choose teams according to their performance and preparations, also some teams given the opportunity to be present in the GCC event as first.”

“Oman national teams until day 14th achieved 53 medals in addition to the para athletes, this is the purpose of selecting the sports that have the greatest chance of being crowned. It is also an opportunity in Sports friction and a good preparatory station for these age groups for upcoming competitions.”, he added.

“The national team were supposed to win more medals, so we will have a dialogue session with all participant teams, to research ways to develop Omani games. The teams must go beyond the observations in order to increase their chances of being selected for foreign participation”.

“We thank the organizing committee and everyone who cooperated and helped us, we all one gulf, we complement each other and cover all lapses, if any. We cannot fail to thank all members of the Oman delegation who were present, especially during the first days, where they facilitated what they could do for national teams”, he ended.