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Wide community participation in the Physical Activity Day event in Musandam Governorate


More than 400 citizens and residents participated in the “Physical Activity Day” activities organized by Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) represented by Oman Sports and Active Society Committee in cooperation with the Department of Culture, Sports and Youth in Musandam Governorate last Wednesday, under the patronage of Mubarak bin Ali bin Saeed Al Rahbi, Head of the Musandam Governor’s Office.

The event aimed to promote health and physical fitness by encouraging participants to practice physical activity and adopt a healthy lifestyle, and creating an opportunity for interaction between different ages through sports and activities. In addition to providing the opportunity for community members to acquire new sports skills, and motivating them to enhance community interaction and social communication.

The events included many sports programs and activities for different ages, including a march for athletes starting from the Khasab Port Gate to the event venue at Bassa Beach, various traditional Omani games, and swimming and athletics competitions, most notably long jump, and show jumping for different age groups. Additionally, a roping competition for adults, mountain climbing for children and adults, various activities for scouts, guides, and troopers, as well as various sports activities and competitions for children, and a health workshop with the aim of educating community members about the importance of healthy nutrition and its role in improving public health, enhancing healthy food decision-making skills, and encouraging them to adopt a healthy lifestyle by reducing the consumption of nutritional supplements and focusing on beneficial foods.

The events witnessed wide community participation from all ages and received great interaction, high competition in various sports, and fruitful cooperation with the institutions cooperating in the governorate with OOC to make this sporting event a success. Because of its importance in strengthening the concepts of sport in society and making it a priority in their public life, enhancing public health, spreading the culture of walking and increasing the number of its practitioners, and making the practice of sport and the values ​​and principles of the Olympic Movement a component of the general culture of members of society in thought and practice.