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With participation of 16 coaches

OOA organizes the 1st specialized symposium for coaches

Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), represented by Oman Olympic Academy (OOA), organized the 1st specialized symposium, “Designing Training Plans – Periodization,” for three continuous days at Sultan Qaboos University and OOA, as part of the National Coach Certification Program to develop and enhance the capabilities of sports coaches in Oman. This program constitutes an important step towards building a base of qualified trainers in the field of sports training, and gives the opportunity for coaches to participate in an educational program that gives them a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, develop their skills and will have a positive impact in enhancing the performance of athletes in Oman and raising their technical levels.


The symposium concluded yesterday evening, Tuesday, and was presented by Dr. Shihab Al-Din Ahmed Al-Riyami, Director of the National Coach Certification Program and a certified international lecturer for sports training, with the participation of 16 coaches from sports federations and clubs, the military sports sector, and universities and educational colleges.

The symposium topics varied between the theoretical and practical aspects, with the aim of providing participants with various sciences and studies as an essential part of the program’s strategy to ensure the provision of high-quality training. It included many diverse topics, including the goals, importance and design of sports training plans, time planning for training and its types, the main elements of its preparation, and annual plans and their sections. In addition to the temporal planning of motor abilities and anatomical adaptations to physical abilities. The symposium also included training on using the (NCCP) program to design seasonal training plans, and presenting visual presentations from the participants on the last day of the program to evaluate them and measure the level of understanding and knowledge of the learner during the symposium days, where the mechanism of work and evaluation of the symposium was applied according to international standards and programmes.


It is worth mentioning that NCCP is one of the important national projects and a summary of the sports sciences that keep pace with Omani society and the national training staff. It combines international training programs and coaches, such as the Canadian, American, and British Coaches Program. It is also considered one of the pioneering sports projects that will have a major role in building a large base of qualified coaches for all sports. It includes the first and second levels and a number of specialized seminars.