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Trainer Nidal Al-Mughairi participates in the international enrichment program for coaches


Coach Nidal Al Mughiri from Oman Basketball Federation participated in the international enrichment program for coaches and technicians organized by the University of Delaware in cooperation with the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, through the support Oman Olympic Committee received from Olympic Solidarity at the International Olympic Committee.

The program was launched last June, and concluded yesterday, Saturday. It aimed to provide coaches with the opportunity to enrich their skills, increase their competencies in the field of basketball training, and introduce them to the university game environment in the United States. The program included four months of virtual theoretical study, followed by a 23-day training period at sports universities in the United States, which gave the candidates the opportunity to follow, watch and interact with the training staff for this program.

The virtual study included several topics in the field of basketball training, including how to develop players and appropriate training environments in schools and clubs, individual development of players, the use of analytics to improve performance, and training in the United States from the perspective of the experience of international coaches, followed by a visit during the period from October 8 to 9. the University of Delaware to prepare the participants for their training experience in the university’s basketball program, then an in-person training program for 3 weeks at the national sports universities in the United States, where the participants implemented a number of projects and participated in a weekly symposium via the Internet, and included several activities, including watching sessions Training players and teams, physical exercise sessions, conducting statistical analysis of training sessions and matches for teams, and following up with members of the coaching staff in these activities, in addition to their roles outside training such as meetings, video analysis sessions, press conferences, visits by experienced coaches, etc.