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OOC reveals the details of the Islamic Solidarity Games participation



Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) revealed the latest preparations for the participation of the national teams in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games, which will be launched in Konya, Turkey, from 9 to 18 August, in a press interview this afternoon, in the presence of Khalifa Al-Esai, OOC Executive Director, and Hisham Al-Adwani, OOC Chef de Mission. In the conference, Dr. Al-Mu’tasim Ghatouk, OOC planning and following-up expert, representatives of the participating teams and a number of members of the supervisory administrative committee participated.


At the beginning of the press meeting, OOC Executive Director, gave a speech, calling on the five participating national teams to give high levels in such important international events. Al-Esai also called on the teams to abide by the rules of the games and other important aspects. After that, Hisham Al-Adwani, Chef de Mission, presented a review of the representatives of the participating teams, where he said that Oman will participate in this games, with five sports, namely athletics, shooting, weightlifting, cycling and swimming, while the games includes 24 competitions, namely tri-basketball, aerobic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics, Athletics, football, table tennis, shooting, cycling, track cycling, wrestling, fencing, weightlifting, judo, karate, swimming, taekwondo, handball, kickboxing, bocce, traditional Turkish archery, volleyball and archery.


He added: We hope that our national teams will give a high performance in this games, as 478 athletes from 49 countries will participate in the athletics competition, and its competitions will be held from August 8-12, while in the bicycle competition, 105 cyclists from 16 countries will participate during the period from August 11-14, and in the shooting competition, 117 rams representing 21 countries will participate during the period from August 10-16, while in swimming, 220 swimmers from 35 countries will participate during the period from August 13-17, and in weightlifting, 209 players from 29 will participate, during the period from 11 to 15 August next.




Hisham Al-Adwani also presented a comprehensive review of the athletes’ village and the laws related to it, as well as the aspects that should not be done, as well as the stadiums designated for competitions, as well as for training, transportation and other services available to athletes and participants in the games. As for Dr. Al-Mu’tasim Ghatouk, OOC planning and following-up expert, talked about the mechanism for selecting the teams participating in this games, and also explained why the games were excluded from participating in this games and focus on individual games, and he appealed to the participating teams to provide technical and skill capabilities of the players. After that, representatives of the participating teams raised a number of inquiries about reservations and aspects of interest to each team, and they were answered by OOC officials.


This is the second time in a row that Oman has participated in five games only, after participating in the fourth session, which was held in Azerbaijan, and participated in five games: football, shooting, tennis, athletics and taekwondo. The football team won the silver medal, and the national shooting team won four colored medals, two silver and two bronze, and the national athletics team won two bronze medals.


This games is considered the second most important event after the Olympic Games, given the number of participants in the Islamic Solidarity Games. The Islamic Solidarity Games were scheduled to start from August 20 to 29, 2021, but the Federation of Islamic Solidarity Games decided to postpone the tournament, beginning to September of the same year, due to its conflict with the date of the 2020 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo, to be postponed again to August of this year as a precaution against the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.