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Sub-Committees review the work plans for the next phase




Oman Olympic Committee’s (OOC) High Level Sports and Olympic Planning Committee held the 1st induction meeting today morning, “Wednesday”, at the OOC headquarters. The meeting was chaired by Saif bin Sebaa Al-Rashidi, a member of the Board of Directors, where he welcomed the members of the committee after the new formation for the current period (2021+1-2024).


The attendees reviewed the tasks and competencies of the committee represented in preparing a national plan for the development of high-level sports, developing a system for classifying high-level athletes, including the criteria for enjoying the grants obtained by OOC from the International Olympic Solidarity, preparing and updating the nominal list of athletes classified in the high-level category, in addition to developing and proposing Oman Olympic Academic and technical controls and requirements for external scholarships for athletes, including students, workers and others. That is in coordination with the concerned government institutions, the private sector, the concerned sports federations and committees for the implementation and following-up, and the development and proposal of a system of financial incentives for high-level athletes in coordination with the concerned authorities, and coordination with the private sector to find support for them.

During the meeting, mini-working teams were formed to implement the committee’s terms of reference and achieve its goals and tasks. The list and the terms of reference will be presented to the OOC Board of Directors for approval.




On the other hand, the Education, Culture and Olympic Legacy Committee held the 1st meeting for this year yesterday, headed by Eng. Khalfan bin Saleh Al Naabi.

During the meeting, an overview of the Olympic work at the international, continental and national levels was presented, especially those related to the work of the committee. The committee’s competencies were also reviewed and its areas of work were discussed, which is the development of the cultural activities of Oman Olympic movement, the dissemination of Olympic values ​​in various communication channels, and the promotion of the importance and status of sports and physical activity in youth development. and teach them.

The attendees discussed the proposal to prepare the committee’s work plan and coordinate with relevant partners from government and private institutions and civil society institutions involved in implementing the plans and programs of OOC, and working groups were formed from members of the committee to study some topics related to the work of the committee in preparation for their approval and implementation, in addition to the formation of a specialized media committee. Developing a media plan for the committee and its programs and setting up a mechanism for coordination with various governmental and private agencies and civil society institutions to activate the partnership issue.



Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping Committee also held its first meeting for this year, headed by Dr. Masoud bin Ali Al Riyami, at the headquarters of OOC yesterday. The new members of the committee were introduced and the committee’s work plans for the next phase were discussed in the fields of sports medicine and anti-doping. The attendees also discussed the proposal to prepare a list of sports medicine in accordance with the directions approved by the competent international committees and bodies, and the formation of mini-working teams of members that carry out the tasks and competencies assigned to them represented in the rehabilitation and refinement of cadres working in the field of sports medicine and anti-doping with its various specialties, and the organization and establishment of seminars, lectures and workshops In related fields, in addition to supporting the efforts made by sports federations and committees, facilitating therapeutic medical interventions, rehabilitation and setting up recovery programs.