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High morale and ambitions for the national team at the start of GCC games.. today



The 3rd GCC Games, which will be held in Kuwait from May 16 to 31, will kick off this morning, with athletics competitions for men and women on Ahmed Al-Rashdan track and field, where the players of our national team will participate in many competitions hoping to achieve 1st places in the tournament. Barakat bin Mubarak Al Harthy, Ali bin Anwar Al Balushi and the rest of the team will be at the forefront of the national team stars in today’s competitions. The star of the team, Mazoon bint Khalfan Al Alawia, will lead the players towards achieving medals. There is no doubt that the national teams aspire to achieve medals in this 3rd edition of the tournament, in which more than 1,700 male and female players are participating, representing the six GCC countries, namely the Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, as well as the host, Kuwait.


The tournament will witness the holding of 16 individual and group games, which are: handball, volleyball, basketball, futsal, swimming, athletics, karate, judo, fencing, archery, tennis, cycling, ice hockey, table tennis, electronic games and padel sports, and for the first time in its history, the session will witness the participation of the female component in harmony with the global system in force in international continental sports tournaments, knowing that only 7 games will be participated in by women: futsal, cycling, athletics, table tennis, tri-basketball, electronic games and padel sports.


High level competition

On the readiness of the male and female players, Mohamed Al-Houti, coach of our national athletics team, said: our team’s preparations were good, as we went through several local camps in Muscat, as well as we did internal club tournaments and open tournaments through which the runners who will represent the national team in this tournament were selected. He stressed that the hostility of our team is determined to achieve good results in the competitions in which they participate. Al-Houti also mentioned that competition in the tournament will be hard between the participating teams, which include champions in the world and Asia, however our youth are able to achieve good results and rise to the podiums, stressing that all runners are fine and there are no injuries in the team.


Qualifying records

For his part, Hammoud Al-Delhamy, coach of our national team for athletics, said: “We have been preparing for this tournament for a long time, as the tournament was supposed to take place last January, but it was postponed to the current month of May, and we were ready with an integrated team, but because of the delay in changing a number of selected players due to some circumstances, but we overcame all difficulties and were able to hold 6 internal tournaments that qualified young people to score good records to participate in this tournament. Al Dalhami added that we participate in this tournament in athletics competitions, including 100m, 200m and 400m, 4X100m relay, 4X400m relay, 800m and 1500m races, long jump, high jump and triple jump. We hope that the runners will register records that qualify them to participate in the Islamic Solidarity Tournament that will be held next August in Turkey. We have great ambitions to compete in the 100m and 200m races, and the relay and long and high jump competitions to get medals, as well as not forgetting the women’s team, from which we also hope to achieve results.


Girls readiness

For her part, the assistant coach of the girls’ team, Shannunah bint Saleh Al-Habsiah, said: “The girls’ team confirmed its readiness to participate in the tournament today, and the team’s players will be keen to provide the best capabilities in the competitions, and there is no doubt that the competition is difficult for all participating teams, especially since there are strong and well-known names in the game from Bahrain and Kuwait, but we hope that the players of the national team will provide the required level of them and that we will be among the podiums in the competitions.

The technical and administrative staff of the men’s athletics team consists of the team’s coaches, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Houti, Hamoud bin Abdullah Al-Dalhami, Imad Muhammad Shawqi Siraj, Ibrahim bin Hadeeb Al-Kharousi, Fahd Al-Shamri and Al-Eid Tutash, while the administrative staff consists of Faisal bin Othman Al-Balushi and physiotherapist Krasmir Petrov. The players are Barakat bin Mubarak Al Harthy, Ali bin Anwar Al Balushi, Hussein bin Hatem Bait Faraj Allah, Muhammad Bin Obaid Al Saadi, Othman bin Ali Al Busaidi, Ahmed bin Mubarak Al Saadi, Khalfan bin Saeed Al Jabri, Hussein bin Mohsen Al Farsi, Ammar bin Yasir Al Seifi, Salem bin Saleh Al Yarubi, Salem bin Abdullah Al Rawahi and Fatik bin Abdul Ghafour. Jaboob House. As for the women’s athletics team, it consists of coach Mahmoud bin Salem Al-Siyabi and assistant coach Shannouna bint Saleh Al-Habsi, and the players are Mazoon bint Khalfan Al-Alawi, Hiba bint Hammoud Al-Asimiya and Hana bint Saeed Al-Tawqiah.


The basic shooting training

On the other hand, the official training of the shooting teams began yesterday at the Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Olympic Fields Complex, and the technical meeting of the game was also held with the participation of representatives of the participating delegations, and the equipment of cartridge and bullet weapons will be examined. The team also conducted official training for the “trap” and “pistol” competitions. 10 meters air” and “50 meters rifle three modes.” The President of the Kuwaiti and Arab Federations and CEO of the Asian Shooting Federation Duaij Al-Otaibi said: “The Al-Mayadeen complex is fully ready to host shooting competitions, and he explained that the official competitions will start on Tuesday with “Trap 75” competitions and “10-meter air pistol” and “50-meter rifle competition in three modes, and the shooting competitions will continue until next Thursday.”

The technical staff of our national shooting team includes the administrators Ahmed bin Kulaib Al-Hatali and Muhammad bin Suleiman Al-Hatali, as well as the coaches Socrates Akhmidaf, Saud bin Salem Al-Abadi, Marco Conti, Nasser bin Ali Al-Khatiri, Dilham bin Nasser Al-Harasi, Jamal bin Saleh Al-Balushi and Sultan bin Salim Al-Rashidi, in addition to Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Fawra is a physiotherapist, while the referees are Muhammad bin Salem Al-Shaidi and Saif bin Saeed Al-Khanbashi, while the archers lineup consists of Salem bin Ali Al-Naabi, Muhammad bin Khalifa Al-Hajri, Ali bin Suleiman Al-Saidi, Issam bin Badr Al-Balushi, Saif bin Humaid Al-Shukaili, Ismail bin Nasser Al-Abri and Suleiman bin Abdullah Al-Rahbi Muadh bin Darwish Al Balushi, Jamal bin Mansour Al-Hatali, Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Hajri, Salim bin Salem Al-Nasiri, Abdullah bin Saif Al-Mandhari, Ngmoush bin Adnan Al-Hatali and Muhammad bin Hamad Al-Gharbi.


Swimming and volleyball arrival

Yesterday evening, our national swimming team arrived in Kuwait to participate in the Gulf Tournament. The national team had participated in a training camp at the Mohammed bin Zayed Aquatics Complex in the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi, led by coach Mohammed Al-Khiari, and with the participation of 5 swimmers, Ayman bin Talib Al Qasimi, Nidal bin Suleiman Al Harasi and Nayef bin Munir Al Qasimi. Abdul Rahman bin Yahya Al-Kulaibi, Issa bin Samir Al-Adawi and Muhannad bin Younis, Awlad Thani.


On the other hand, the national volleyball team arrives in Kuwait this evening from its foreign camp in Bulgaria, which concluded yesterday. The Omani fans are waiting for the team to achieve good results and to reap the first places due to the team’s individual capabilities, technical skills and cumulative experience in foreign participations, from For his part, the technical staff of the team, led by coach Jamal Al-Maamari and his assistant Hilal Al-Jabri, is looking forward to the team achieving a better historical Gulf result than it achieved in its previous Gulf participations, after it came third in the first Gulf Games in Bahrain 2011 and the second in Saudi Arabia in 2015. It is noteworthy that the last appearance of the national team was on September 20, 2019 in the Asian Championship in Tehran.


The delegation of the volleyball team participating in the tournament consists of Khalid bin Ali Al-Muqbali, the team manager, Sabah bin Saif Al-Baradei administratively, the national coach Jamal bin Muhammad Al-Maamari, his assistant Hilal bin Mubarak Al-Jabri, Ali bin Salmeen Al-Farsi, a physiotherapist, and Hamad bin Yaqoub Al-Riyami, an accompanying referee, while the team players are: Saud bin Rashid Al-Maamari, Hilal bin Juma Al-Muqbali, Muhammad bin Salem Al-Muqbali, Khalid bin Nasser Al-Muqbali, Adam bin Rashid Al-Jalboubi, Youssef bin Rashid Al-Shukaili, Abdullah bin Salem Al-Muqbali, Khamis bin Thani Al-Jabri, Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Toubi, Mahmoud bin Khalifa Al-Saadi, Younis bin Salem Al-Amri and Falah bin Salim Al-Jaradi.


The team will start its participation in the 3rd GCC Games championship in Kuwait on Friday, May 20, where it will play against the Qatari team, while it will play its second match next Saturday, May 21 against the Kuwaiti team, so that everyone will undergo a rest next Sunday and return to play the third match Monday, May 23 against the Bahraini team, On Tuesday, May 24th, he plays against the UAE national team, and he concludes his participation in the tournament on Thursday, May 25th, against the Saudi national team. It is noteworthy that the team, after participating in the third Gulf Games championship in Kuwait, is awaiting an important participation in the Islamic Games in the Republic of Turkey, which is scheduled to be held next August, and another participation in the Arab Championship, which will be hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain next October.


Course application

Kuwait Olympic Committee and the organization of the 3rd GCC Games revealed the content of the application for the tournament, which includes all the information related to the 3rd GCC Games, starting with training programs, competitions and their dates, to their locations and results, as well as the ceremonies, and the Kuwaiti Olympic Committee recommended in a circular to all participants In the course, it was necessary to download the content of the application for the course on mobile devices, so that all matters related to the tournament could be followed up without any trouble. Ease of transportation and availability at the specified times.