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OOC general assembly recommends the board of directors for the electoral cycle (2020+1-2024)


The General Assembly of Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) recommended Sheikh Khalid bin Muhammad Al Zubair as OOC Chairman, and His Highness Sayyid Azzan bin Qais Al Said as Vice Chairman, during the regular and electoral General Assembly meeting held this morning at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Al Irfan to elect the Board of Directors for the electoral cycle (2020+1). – 2024).

During the meeting, OOC members were recommended: Taha bin Sulaiman Al Kishry as a member of one of the executive councils of the international sports federations whose sport is included in the Olympic Games program, and Dr. Abdullah bin Khamis bin Ali Ambo Saidi as a representative of one of the sports federations affiliated with the unlisted international sports federations in the Olympic Games programme, Qais bin Saud bin Hamad al-Zakwani as a sports figure, and Dr. Mansour bin Sultan al-Tawqi as a representative of the athletes after he was elected by Oman Athletes Committee in its first meeting of this year, which was held on January 23 last.

The Board members were also recommended on behalf of the candidates from the sports federations affiliated with the international sports federations whose sports are included in the Olympic Games program: Saif bin Sebaa bin Rashid Al Rashidi, Chairman of Oman Cycling Federation, Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saeed Bamakhalaf, Chairman of Oman Table Tennis Association, and Engineer Khalfan Bin Saleh Bin Muhammad Al Na’bi, Chairman of Oman Basketball Association, Dr. Marwan Bin Juma’a Bin Ali Al Juma’a, Chairman of Oman Hockey Association, Engineer Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Bin Abdul Rahim Al Muqbali, Chairman of Oman Volleyball Association, and Mohsen Bin Hamad Bin Ali Al Masrouri, Vice President of Oman Football Association.

The General Assembly elected Honorable Lujaina bint Mohsen bin Haider Darwish Al-Zaabiah as a member of the Board of Directors representing women’s sports after obtaining (15) votes against two votes for Saada bint Salem bin Muhammad Al-Ismailah.

The Board of Directors held its first meeting immediately after the end of the electoral process, where Taha bin Suleiman Al-Koshari was chosen as Secretary-General of the Board of Directors, and Abdullah bin Muhammad Bamakhalaf as Treasurer. The Executive Office of the Board of Directors was also formed, and it includes: Sheikh Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Zubair as Chairman, and the members: Taha bin Suleiman Al-Kushari, Abdullah bin Muhammad Bamkhalaf, Saif bin Sebaa Al-Rashidi, and Qais bin Saud Al-Zakwani.

In its meeting, the Board of Directors formed the sub-committees for the electoral cycle (2020+1-2024) as follows:

  1. Oman Sports Committee for a Sustainable Environment, chaired by His Highness Sayyid Azzan bin Qais Al Said.
  2. Oman Sports and Active Society Committee, headed by Eng. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al-Muqbali.
  3. Oman Athletes Committee, headed by Asaad bin Mubarak Al-Hasani.
  4. Oman Olympic Solidarity Committee, headed by Qais bin Saud Al-Zakwani.
  5. Oman Women’s Sports Committee and Gender Equality, chaired by Sayyida Sana bint Hamad Al Busaidi.
  6. Oman Committee for Competitive Sports and Olympic Planning, headed by Saif bin Sebaa Al-Rashidi.
  7. Oman Committee for Culture, Education and Olympic Legacy, headed by Eng. Khalfan bin Saleh Al Naabi.
  8. Oman Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping Committee.