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At the last meeting of the current phase
OOC Board of Directors reviews the international participation programs for this year


The Board of Directors of Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) held the first meeting for 2022 and the last in its current electoral cycle, yesterday, “Wednesday” headed by Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad Al Busaidi, OOC President, and with presence of all members. The President started the meeting by welcoming the Board members, thanking them for their attendance at the meeting and appreciating their efforts over the past 5 years in developing the work system at OOC, activating its various activities and programmes, and contributing to many projects and qualitative programs, wishing them success in their next phase. He also extended his thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Youth, headed by His Highness Sayyid Thi Yazen bin Haitham Al Said for his great support and continuous sponsorship of sports and athletes, and his keenness and continuous interest in harnessing all available capabilities in order to advance sports in the Sultanate and achieve honorable sports achievements in various international forums. He also thanked the sports federations and committees, which spared no effort in implementing plans and programs aimed at expanding the base of practicing sports and raising the technical levels of administrative and technical cadres and athletes in particular in order to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the sports street and to develop and advance sports.
Then the Board of Directors reviewed the agenda items of the meeting, where the minutes of the 3rd meeting of the Board for 2021, held on 4 November last, were approved, and the decisions that were implemented were issued by the meeting, in addition to reviewing the minutes of OOC’s regular general assembly meeting, which was held on December 27 Past to be submitted to the next meeting of General Assembly for approval.

The minutes of the meetings of sub-committees were also reviewed and the recommendations contained therein were reviewed by Oman Athletes Committee, Oman Sports and Active Society Committee, Oman Anti-Doping Committee, Planning and Following-up Committee, and Oman Women’s Sports Committee.
The meeting dealt with the committee’s readiness to hold the regular general assembly on February 28, during which the Board of Directors will also be elected for the electoral cycle (2020+1-2024).

The Board of Directors reviewed the proposal submitted to postpone the beach sports games scheduled to be held in the Governorate of Muscat over two days at the end of last year 2021, to be held this year after agreeing on its new date by Oman Sports and Active Society Committee. The proposal submitted by the Oman Women’s Sports Committee directed to the Organizing Committee for Women’s Sports in GCC regarding the postponement of 7th Games for Women’s Sports scheduled to be held in March 2022 to the latter half of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 to give sports teams the opportunity for the gradual normal return to training and good preparation for the tournament, due to the suspension of training programs during the last period due to Covid-19 and the accompanying taking of many precautionary measures and measures to ensure the safety of players, teams, administrative and technical cadres.

The Board reviewed the annual report on the work of the Administrative and Financial Committee, its programs and activities for the past year 2021, the work plans and programs, and the most prominent external participations for this year 2022 represented in 4 sessions, namely the 3th GCC Sports Games that will be held in Kuwait during the period from 11-21 May, and the Sports Games for Islamic Solidarity, which will be held in Turkey from August 9-18, the 19th Asian Games to be held in China from 10-25 September, and the Asian Youth Games to be held in China also from 20-28 December 2022. The Board directed that the Planning and Following-up Committee, in coordination with the sports federations and committees, complete the procedures for confirming participation in the scheduled courses, and follow up the preparation plans and programs for the national teams and athletes, and the expected results of each participation.
The Board of Directors approved the program and budget of the courses to be organized by Oman Olympic Academy during this year, where 9 training courses will be organized in various programs and fields such as financial management, marketing management, sports management, e-sports, volunteer management in the sports field, crisis management in sports events, training, stadium injuries, sports rehabilitation, and event management in sports institutions. The attendance also approved the proposal submitted by the Academy regarding the dissemination of training courses and programs to include sports institutions and their affiliates, those interested in the fields of sports sciences, scholars and researchers in the sports field to spread the desired benefit from the offered programs and to develop and qualify human competencies in sports institutions in various sports sciences and the best modern methods and methods.
With regard to the financial item, the attendees reviewed the financial position of the committee for the past year 2021, and the estimated draft budget for the current year 2022 .
The meeting concluded with a review of the reports and messages received and a discussion of the topics included in the new work item, including the review of the annual report of Oman Olympic Solidarity Committee for 2021, the annual report of the Planning and Following-up Committee for 2021, and the proposal submitted by the General Secretariat of GCC that the possibility of Continuing the activities and programs of the organizing committees for sports until the issuance of the decision to terminate, and many reports and other topics.