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Al-Adi participates in the meeting of GCC Executive Office


Khalid bin Ali Al-Adi, Treasurer of Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), participated in the meeting of the 93rd GCC Executive Office of their Highnesses, Excellencies and Excellencies, Heads of GCC NOCs, which was held yesterday, “Monday” Online.

During the meeting, they discussed the proposal submitted by Kuwait Olympic Committee regarding the tasks of the advisory committees that were approved to be formed in the last meeting, and to organize and follow up on joint sports work following the decision to suspend the activities of the organizing committees in GCC. The advisory committees are represented in the Sports Committee specialized in coordinating and following up the calendar of GCC championships for national teams and clubs and developing sports programmes, the Women’s Sports Committee, the Youth and Junior Committee, and the Paralympic Sports Committee. It was agreed on the tasks assigned to each committee, provided that they will be presented at the next meeting that will be held on March 11, 2022 in Riyadh.