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OOA organizes a Sports Governance Course


The sports governance course, organized by Oman Olympic Academy (OOA), was launched, yesterday morning, “Tuesday”, and will last for 3 days, within the framework of enabling sports staff to transfer knowledge about the concept of governance, pillars and mechanisms to activate it in the various sports bodies, and contribute to raising the efficiency of work in their institutions.  That is through the role they provide to support governance practices and how to overcome the challenges faced by the authorities in this field.

The course aims to support the institutional nature of the work of sports institutions so that their structures are more efficient and effective, and to establish the concept of governance as a means to enhance the independence of sports institutions and gain the trust of donors.  The course targets workers in sports institutions represented by Oman Olympic Committee, sports federations, committees and clubs, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth. It is lectured by Dr. Abdul Rahim Muslim Al Daroushi, Assistant Professor of Sports Administration and Sports Policies at the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University.

The course includes a set of workshops, practical applications and theoretical lessons on performance indicators in sports governance, and the challenges facing the achievement of governance in this field.