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National Shooting team to arrive in Tokyo today

Intensive preparatory camp for Shooter Hamed ahead of competition start

Shoaib al Zadjali shine in his fourth consecutive Olympics attendance as Anti-doping station officer

National swimmers encourage “Issa” ahead of his debut in Olympics tomorrow




Oman’s experienced marksman, Hamed al Khatri, will arrive to Tokyo on Monday as second athlete from the Sultanate’s delegation after Issa’s arrival last week in the Olympic Village. This will be second successive Games participation for Khatri after his debut in Rio Olympics 2016. The national shooting team will comprise Al Khatri’s head coach, Sultan al Rushaidi and the administrative member Sulieman al Hinai. The arrival of all Oman’s athletes will be completed on Wednesday as Sprinters, Barakat al Harthy, Mazoon al Alawi and weightlifter Amer al Khanjari will join the delegation in the Olympic Village.

An intensive training program will be arranged for Al Khatri at Asaka Shooting Range ahead of his action on August 2 in the 50m rifle three position men’s qualification round. The preparatory program for shooter Khatri will be for six days under full technical supervision of the national experienced head coach Sultan al Rushaidi. The national shooting team’s efforts succeed to obtain a special permit from the organising committee and the technical team organisers to have more training sessions for a period of six days ahead of the official competition. These few days will assist Khatri to fully adapt with the shooting range which is new for him. He will seek to register new records and raise the Sultanate’s flag in this top showpiece event.

National swimmers encourage “Issa”

The national team swimmers, head coaches and the technical expert in Oman Swimming Association (OSA) encouraged swimmer “Issa” to show his best on Tuesday. Issa’s teammate swimmers, through virtual meeting held remotely, congratulated him for being the flag bearer during the opening ceremony. Also, they wish good luck and all the best for the Sultanate’s delegation and athletes to represent the best in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Mohammed al Sahli, the technical expert in OSA, appreciated the top efforts made by Issa and his Japanese coach Kusanagi Kenta at Chukyou University to prepare for the Olympics Games. “ Reaching to the Olympics require hard work from any athlete. Daily attendance in the trainings, learning from mistakes, continuous development on the personal technical level and registering new records will act as supporting tools to qualify in the top swimming events and to accomplish top achievements for the nation,” he ended


Anti-doping station officer


Shoaib al Zadjali, acting Secretary General of Oman Anti-Doping Committee, is one of the active Sultanate Delegation’s member in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as he appointed as Anti-doping station officer in different Olympic venues. Shoaib’s selection for this position came after long experience and hard working from his side during the past years. This is the fourth presence of Sohar man in the Olympic Games after successful attendance in Beijing 2018, London 2012 and Rio 2016. Beside to that, Zadjali was shining as well in 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia and he took part in Many Olympic Winter Games in Korea and Asian Games in Qatar and Indonesia.

The national experienced man in anti-doping has huge technical experience in this field due to his various participations in different international courses, programs and workshops organized through the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). He managed to enhance his experience in the required expertise after continuous attendance at tournaments and sporting events. Earlier, Shoaib was as officer for anti-doping in many top sporting occasions and then he progressed as supervisor for the officers of the sample collection.


Commenting on his rules and responsibilities in Tokyo 2020 Olympics:” I am very glad to attend in this top sporting globe event for the fourth consecutive time. Attending in these world class sporting events will assist to enhance the right technical experience and learn more from the top expertise who are available from different part of the world. Reaching to this position was not an easy step and I was among many candidates and we all competed thu written exams and virtual interviews. Then, I have been selected for the Olympics and Paralympics Games as well.,” he added.


Responding to his main duties and tasks, Zadjali said:” we are having a lot of responsibilities and tasks especially during this exceptional period of Covid-19 pandemic. Writing daily reports, supervising all the anti-doping officers, monitoring the athletes and adherence to all the anti-doping regulations and taking precautionary measures and circulating the tasks among the team are the main responsibilities. I will be in Tokyo for 49 days and it is a proper period to gain the required experience for the experts,” he said.


Shoaib al Zadjali concluded his statement by sending special thanks to the Oman Olympic Committee and  Oman Anti-Doping Committee for their support to him in attending in these top sporting events. “ I would like to thank as well all the international, regional and continental anti-doping agencies for their confidence and I hope that delivering the required performance in my position,” he ended.