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OOA organizes a course on sports marketing concepts and strategies

The “Sports Marketing Concepts and Strategies” course, organized by Oman Olympic Academy, was launched in October 13  online until 15 of October (Thursday). The importance of this course comes due to the fact that sports marketing has become one of the most professional fields nowadays and at the international level due to the value of investments directed to the sports field; This made it important for sports institutions to have specialised cadres in sports marketing.
The course aims to give an overview of sports marketing through a detailed explanation of the basic concepts and practices of it and marketing through sport so that the participants can understand and apply the best marketing process in order to raise the level of marketing performance and achieve additional funding for their sports institutions.
Dr. Bassam Abdullah Qambar – Director of Planning and Strategies Department in the Medical Committee of the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy in Qatar – the committee responsible for organizing World Cup 2022, will lecture. The course is set for employees of Oman Olympic Committee, Sports Federations and Committees, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, military sports and Sports Marketing Specialists.
The topics covered in the course vary between the concept and types of sports marketing, sports sponsorship strategy, sports promotion strategy, sports sponsorship piracy, goals and elements of sports sponsorship, the concept and trends of sports facilities sponsorship, sports promotion, and others.