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A year after its inauguration.. Oman Olympic Academy provided 225 training hours for 170 participants

OOA has completed its first year since its inauguration in December 2018 under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed Al-Mardhouf Al-Saadi, Minister of Sports Affairs, and it has organized many training programs and courses during the year to qualify competencies in various academic disciplines in the field of sports by 225 training hours and 170 Participants.

Believing in its vision of developing human resources in sports in Oman and spreading and promoting the values and Olympic philosophy, the Academy has been keen in 2019 to provide high-quality programs by attracting academics and specialists in various sports sciences to develop and qualify human competencies in sports institutions in the best modern methods and methods. It has built initiatives and constructive ideas to serve sports.

The programs offered various programs for sports management, as well as Olympic education programs. Through judging and increasing awareness among participants of the importance of following the sports law to have functioning sports institutions.

In March 2019, the Advanced Sports Management Diploma Program, which was organized in cooperation with International Olympic Solidarity started with the participation of 18 administrators from Oman Olympic Committee, Associations, Sports committees and the Ministry of Sports Affairs.

Due to the increasing of local and international sports events and within the framework of developing plans for sports sponsorship programs, and the keenness to support sports’ members with the right scientific skills in organizing events management distinctively, the Academy organized, in April, managing and organizing sports events course lectured by Mr. Abdullah Yousef Al-Mulla ceremonies director at ANOC. The targeted OOC members, Associations and Sports Committees, Help Committees members, government institutions, and media.

In June, the Academy organized injuries and sports rehabilitation course in light of the increasing injured athletes, whether in training or friendly matches or local and international competitions, and within the framework of development plans and sports care program and the dissemination of scientific knowledge and practical. Additionally, it aware specialists in the treatment of injuries.

The course of modern methods in risk management and its applications in sports institutions and bodies was held during 30th June to 2nd July 2019 in order to acquire the 26 participants modern concepts in risk management in sports institutions. As well training them on how to identify, analyze, address and follow-up risks through a group exercises and their effects on the institution or sports projects, in addition to enabling them to assess the situation and predict the expected risks.

Within the framework of enhancing and developing the capabilities of OOC, Associations and Sports Committees’ administration related to Olympic participations, administrative procedures and related meetings, the Olympic education course was organized in September 2019 with the aim of equipping participants with many skills, including improving communication between the bodies involved in the preparation of Olympic participation.

During October, a course was held to integrate different ways of rehabilitating people with disabilities in sports institutions to highlight the difficulties faced by sports institutions in integrating and eliminating them by providing appropriate ways and means to qualify to deal with them positively, which contributes to achieving the goals.

In November, the Academy organized the basics of sports training and targeted athletes specialized in competitions and fitness trainers, where they were given scientific information to apply the foundations of sports training and fitness in accordance with the current qualification level of the students and provide them with the opportunity to activate joint cooperation among in sports training and also develop research aspect they have.

Oman Olympic Academy plans to complete the rest of its programs this December.