Vision and Objectives



Sport for development



Instill the awareness of practicing sports and physical activity as a healthy life style in Omani societies, enhance competitive sport, create a stimulating and supportive environment for athletes to reach advanced levels, and work with all partners to raise the efficiency of sport and its effectiveness at the administrative, financial and technical level, to contribute in Comprehensive development.



  • Taking an innovative and serious approach in dealing with sports marketing not to be limited to obtain sponsorship or donations from private sector institutions, but extends to help these institutions and companies achieve their goals, whether profitability or community through their sports and Olympic partnership. As well as defining the goals of the institutions in their various sectors and orientations. OOC will be able to employ sport as a tool to achieve these goals, which will be positively reflected in the budget allocated by companies and commercial establishments to sports. This requires the development of a map for partners from private sector who believes in the role and importance of sport and the promotion of marketing among the relevant authorities. The axes of the marketing map focus on three main directions:
  • Building a strategy for partnerships and sponsorship.
  • Sports as a brand.
  • Sports for development.
  • Achieving institutional and teamwork for the implementation of time programs for each stage of the work plan.
  • Utilizing of available resources, whether financial, human or administrative.
  • Adopting clear mechanisms for cooperation between all relevant authorities.
  • Striving to enhance the concepts of sport in the community and make it a priority in their daily life, and not only in the competitive field by focusing on increasing and diversifying the activities and events of sport for all, as well as participating with schools in spreading the concept of sport for all.
  • Cooperating and coordinating with all media outlets and working to achieve a true partnership.
  • Exploiting all competitive sporting events to disseminate the concepts and messages of sport for development. Additionally, instilling a spirit of belonging and adopting correct behavior and virtuous morals.
  • Planning to ensure the effective representation of national teams and athletes in the various sports tournaments and courses in accordance with the established principles and standards.
  • Strengthening mechanisms of cooperation and coordination between the Ministry of Sports Affairs, OOC, Sports Federations and relevant authorities.
  • Striving to preserve the achievements made through generational communication mechanisms and work to preserve the rights and privileges of athletes, protect them and educate them about sports laws and legislation.
  • Planning to put in place mechanisms for developing and modernizing the administrative and technical work of OOC and sports federations, creating a sound and healthy work environment to increase productivity, increase training opportunities and local and international qualification for the staff of OOC and sports federations.
  • Cooperating with universities, institutes, academic, educational and administrative institutions in the Sultanate and abroad in developing sports studies and research and applying optimal use of information technology.
  • Working on women’s participation in various activities and events and qualify women’s sports leaders.
  • Strengthening cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Education to develop school sports and develop action plans related to the “Sports Champion” project, as the school is the cornerstone of this project, in addition to working to activate the talent identification project. One of the athletes that is based on a scientific vision and specialized experiences that will contribute to the success of the Sports Champion project.
  • The organizational structures of OOC and sports federations that enable them to define the relationship between sports bodies working in OOC, the Ministry of Sports Affairs and other relevant bodies.
  • Adopting policies and procedures related to anti-doping, raising awareness of its harms, and organizing various campaigns to fight it.
  • Investing in educating the community so that it is placed among its priorities and the consolidation of the added value of the concept of sport starts from the school curricula all the way to the modern urban planning of the Omani residential communities.
  • Benefiting from the Olympic Solidarity Programs to qualify players, coaches and administrators by obtaining Olympic grants according to the established principles and standards, as well as sending players to train in continental and international training centers for various sports.
  • Organizing Olympic solidarity courses for coaches locally and sending coaches, administrators and executives in the Olympic Committee and federations to attend international courses for coaches and administrators.
  • Strengthening mechanisms to preserve the environment.
  • Developing laws, regulations, and legislation related to dispute resolution and sports arbitration, and work to stipulate in the statutes of sports federations that the decisions of dispute resolution and sports arbitration at OOC must be respected, and that no sports dispute may be submitted to courts of various degrees.



Making sport’s practice and Olympic Movement’s values and principles a very important component of Omani citizens’ intelligence, theoretically and practically, in accordance to the best practices internationally approved as well as activate them by respecting the values, including:

  1. Achievements: Support all areas of OOC, and create a positive atmosphere for Sports Federations and athletes to be the best and the top.
  2. Inspiration: Make sports inspirational for youths in general and for athletes in particular to enhance their ambitions, strengthens their desire for success, and inspire them towards reaching the top.
  3. Sustainable development: Reach the requirements of sustainable development and promote awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and natural resources during the holding of all sports events.
  4. Peace: Adopt sports as means of spreading peace, understanding, coexistence and homogeneity among peoples.
  5. Good use of resources: Ensure the optimal use of the available resources and work with partners to spread a culture of good governance, and adhere to financial transparency standards in the management of sports bodies accredited by international sports organizations.
  6. Consider Omani traditions: Preserve the authentic Omani the historical values among Olympic principles based on respect for the others, accept difference, and spread the values of peace among people.
  7. Justice and Equality: OOC works to promote equality, non-discrimination or racism in line with the provisions of the Olympic Charter.
  8. Partnership: Respect different points of views, working in accordance with the principles and rules valuing the contributions of others.
  9. Human resources development: Sports’ activities contribute to the physical and social development and psychological balance of the individual and society, which promotes the positive behaviors.