Oman Basketball Association



Oman Basketball Association was declared on 6/12/1994 and the first board of directors was announced by His Excellency Engineer / Abdullah bin Abbas bin Ahmed. The Association was re-declared on 7/20/2002 and joined the International Federation in 1987 and Asian Federation in In 1987 and to the Arab Federation in 1984 and to the Organizational Committee for Basketball in 1980.


Basketball is considered one of the old games that entered Oman early on, as it began to be practiced in the corridors of the Al-Saeedi School in Muscat when it was established in 1940 and was practiced at the level of teachers and some students. Through students abroad and some members of the Arab and foreign communities residing in Oman and then the clubs of Muscat, and so other governorates and regions.


Matches were held between the two schools and between the two clubs, in addition to the Ramadan tournaments on an ongoing basis, and the game began its official activity between clubs after the first basketball tournament was launched in 1984.


Name Position
 Farid bin Khamis bin Sonia Al Zadjali Chairman
 Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Rawas Vice-Chairman
 Asaad bin Mubarak bin Obaid Al-Hassani Secretary General
Idris bin Darwish bin Yusuf Al-Farsi Treasurer
Yunus bin Khamis bin Sonia Al Zadjali Member
Abdullah bin Ahmed bin Saeed Al Yafei Member
Mal Allah bin Muhammad Naseeb Al Balushi Member
Rabih bin Saeed bin Fadel Awlad Thani Boys Member
Mohammed bin Saif bin Shamis Al-Kiyumi Member



– The national junior team won 3rd place in the junior championship of the GCC countries, which was held in Bahrain in 2013.

– The national junior team won the 3rd place in the junior championship for the GCC countries, which was hosted in Bahrain in 2014,


Oman national junior team won the best advanced team in the GCC for the year 2014.


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