Oman Volleyball Association



Oman Volleyball Association was established by Ministerial Resolution No. 59/85 of September 14, 1985 and its first board of directors was chaired by Sadiq bin Hassan Abdwani, and he joined the membership of the International Federation in 1978 and the membership of the Asian Federation in 1975 and the membership of the Arab Federation in 1980.


The Association organizes annual internal competitions among the Sultanate’s clubs, which are: the general league competition for first and second division clubs, the general championship league for youth, and the Association Cup championship.


Name Position
Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Muqbali Chairman
Mohammed Marhoon Al-Maamari Vice- Chairman
Muhammad Eid Al-Hashemi Secretary General
Fareed Ramadan Al Balushi Treasurer
Aisha Abdullah Al Jabri Member
Khaled Mohammed Al-Araimi Member
Issa Abdullah Al-Qasabi Member
Rasheed Salim Maghrab Member
Salim Saeed Al Balushi Member


Terms of references:


  • Setting the necessary plans and programs to spread the sport in Oman, raise its level and develop it technically, taking into account the modern scientific and technical foundations, and the international rules approved by the International Federation.
  • Supervising members and developing plans and programs for their participation in the activities, and following up on the implementation.
  • Laying down the principles, rules and programs for trainings, and the conditions that must be met by national and foreign coaches for the member club teams.
  • Considering the international rules, systems and principles of the game, maintaining and working on implementing them, protecting hobbies and setting the related rules and regulations, and organizing professional work within the limits of the rules established by the International Federation.
  • Organizing competitions, tournaments and matches between members, overseeing their implementation, laying down the necessary foundations, rules and conditions, and providing titles, winning centers and prizes for them.
  • Preparing the national teams which representing Oman in international, Olympic, continental and regional tournaments and others, and supervising their training.
  • Seeking permission for member clubs and organizations to engage their teams with foreign teams in matches, competitions, tournaments and meetings that take place inside or outside Oman, subject to the provisions of the law.
  • Conducting specialized research and studies in the game, organizing and participating in conferences concerned with this matter, and establishing specialized centers for this purpose.
  • Organizing activities and coordinating between clubs and member bodies, expressing opinion and guidance to them, and working on settling disputes that arise between them in accordance with the rules stipulated in the law, this bylaw and the rules established by the International Federation.
  • Represent Oman in international sport conferences and meetings, and what is organized thereof in Oman in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • Approving the registration of players in clubs and member organizations and their participation in various competitions, in accordance with the regulations issued by the Association and the technical rules approved by the International Federation.
  • Laying down the rules and principles governing the dispensation of players, and their transfer to other sports clubs inside or outside Oman, taking into account the rules established by the International Federation.
  • Combating doping in coordination with the Oman Committee for Anti-Doping, and inflicting the appropriate penalty on violators in accordance with the regulations and rules issued by the competent international bodies.
  • Granting the necessary approvals to the parties wishing to organize tournaments for the game at the local, regional, continental or international level in accordance with the provisions of the law.




  • Organizing and managing the game from all administrative, financial, technical and organizational aspects.
  • Work to spread the game throughout Oman.
  • Upgrading the technical level of the game, and the Association is technically responsible for the affairs of the game in Oman, within the limits of the rules established by the International Federation.



The number of registered athletes: 1007 players

627 First team

160 youths

120 Juniors

80 Beach players



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Phone number: 22058526

Fax: 24121143


Email: com @volleyoman



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Instagram: oman_vba

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Phone: 22058523, + 96822058522-25

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