Vision and Objectives



Oman Olympic Committee


There is no doubt that the upcoming stage requires to be seriously taken into consideration, the aim being to activate and further boost cooperation among Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), Ministry of Sports Affairs, national sports associations and other stakeholders. We need to have a significant driving force to further strength and empower OOC’s administrative and executive organs and supporting committees. In line with the vision and approach adopted by OOC’s Board of Directors in planning for the future, with particular emphasis on human resources as being the main drive of development. The ultimate goal is to encourage employees to be more productive and innovative so that they can play an effective role towards development. There is no age limit for performance and OOC’s employees are required to put in yet more efforts toward further developing and uplifting their performance and working skills. The Board has over the past period conducted an in-depth study with the aim of integrating the roles, coordinating the efforts, harmonizing duties and terms of reference and building communication, the aim being to put in place the relevant priorities required to be envisaged and implemented. By so doing, it is possible to achieve the ultimate goal of strengthening positive attitudes, bypassing negative tendencies and activating performance methodology and development mechanisms.

OOC is currently in the process of preparing an ambitious strategy for the upcoming period that would include a set of axes and paths. The proposed strategy is meant to deal with a package of important and vital elements, requirements and mechanisms in order to achieve the desirable goals as featured by the following:

  1. To pursue a creative and serious approach towards dealing with sports marketing such that it is not only confined to obtaining sponsorships or donations by the Private Sector’s establishments. Such approach is rather required to extend to assisting those establishments in achieving their objectives by enabling them to gain profits or societal recognition through an effective sports and Olympic partnership. By determining the objectives of the private establishments of various sectors and trends, OOC will be able to employ sport as a tool capable of achieving those objectives which would eventually reflect positively and significantly on the budget allocated by commercial companies and establishments in support of sport. For this to be achieved, there is also a requirement for putting in place a map of partners from the private sector who believe in the role and significance of sport and in propagating the culture of sports marketing among the relevant organizations. The marketing roadmap focuses on three basic elements, namely:
  1. Building strategy for partnerships and sponsorship
  2. Sport as a brand
  3. Sport for Development
  4. To achieve institutionalization and team work for implementation of schedules for each state of working plan.
  5. To optimally utilize available financial, human or administrative resources.
  6. To adopt well-defined mechanisms for cooperation with various relevant authorities.
  7.  To seek to promote the sports concepts within the community making sport a priority in people’s life, not only as far as competitions are concerned, but also by focusing on increasing and diversifying the “sport for all” activities and events and involving schools in propagating the concept of sport for all.
  8. To cooperate and coordinate with all the media and work towards achieving genuine partnership with the media.
  9. To utilize all sports and competitive sports events for propagation of sports concepts and messages for development and to instill the spirit of affiliation and pursue proper conduct and good manners.
  10. To plan with a view to ensuring effective representation by national teams and athletes in championships and various tournaments in accordance with the set principles and standards.
  11. To strengthen the mechanisms of cooperation and coordination with Ministry of Sports Affairs, sports associations and relevant organizations.
  12. To seek to preserve the achievements made by putting in place specific mechanisms for communication and interaction and work towards preserving the rights and privileges of athletes and protecting them by educating them on the applicable sports laws and legislations.
  13. To plan administrative and technical work development and modernization mechanisms within OOC and sports association and create a proper and healthy working environment to increase productivity and internal and external training opportunities for the employees of OOC and sports associations as well as to further strengthen the trust of sports associations in OOC.
  14. To cooperate with universities, institutes and academic, educational and administrative institutions inside the Sultanate and overseas in conducting sports studies and researches and optimally applying information technology (IT).
  15. To work towards increasing women’s involvement in various sports activities and events and to qualify women sports leaders.
  16. To strengthen cooperation and coordination with Ministry of Education with a view to developing school sport and putting in place working plans relating to “Sports Champion” project. Schools are considered to be the cornerstone in this project. However, this project cannot succeed and achieve its goals without complete partnership and commitment on the part of Ministry of Education. There is also a requirement for activating the talent identification project which is based on a scientific vision and specialized experiences which would contribute to making the Sports Champion Project a success.
  17. To create organizational structures which would enable OOC to determine relationship between sports organizations, OOC, Ministry of Sports Affairs and other relevant stakeholders.
  18. To adopt anti-doping policies and procedures and to stage continuing awareness on doping health hazards and organize combat campaigns.
  19. To invest in the media for increasing community awareness considering this a priority and to strengthen sports value through specific programmes that also include school curricula to enable modern civilian planning in Omni residential areas.
  20. To utilize Olympic Solidarity programmes in order to qualify athletes, coaches and administrators by obtaining Olympic scholarships as per the set principles and standards and to dispatch athletes for training at continental and international training centers.
  21. To organize Olympic Solidarity’s courses in-house and dispatch coaches, executives and administrators of OOC and sports associations to attend relevant overseas courses.
  22. To strengthen environment conservation mechanisms.
  23. To put in place laws, rules and legislations for dispute resolution and arbitration for sport and to ensure that statutes of sports association should provide for respect and recognition of the decisions of dispute settlement and arbitration for sport within OOC and not to raise any sports dispute to courts of various degrees.