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Swimmer Hussain crown gold, table tennis win bronze



Omani swimmer Husain Tarik snatched the gold medal in 400m individual medley category, while Saudi Ahmed Almuueibid won the silver and his teammate Emad Alsibiani claimed the bronze medal.


Taliyah al Rawahiyah and Salma al Nasiriyah, claimed bronze medal in women’s doubles category within table tennis competitions on Friday, as part of the first edition of GC Youth Game, hosted by UAE from April 16 to May 2, with the participants of all Gulf countries.

Oman’s medal tally rose to 37 medals, taking part in 15 games in addition to the para games.

Omani girls qualified to the quarter-finals after defeated UAE team players, Hussa Al Nimr and Maryam Yaqib, with a score of 3/2 to placed national team on third place and qualified to the semi-finals. Oman team doubled lost in semi-finals against Bahraini team to conclude the competition with a bronze medal. The Bahraini team Fatima Al Aali and Kinda Mahmoud, won the gold medal, after defeating the Kuwaiti pair Rayan Al Eidan and Maryam Al Halwaji 3-1, who won the silver medal. The bronze medal was also won (repeat) by the Bahraini pair Dana Al Khayyat and Rayan Rashid.

In the youth doubles competition, the National team, Ali al Rawahi and Nasser al Zaabi lost to the Qatari team with a score of 2/3. Qatar team snatched the gold medal after beatsed Bahrain team in final, as bronze medal won by UAE team.

Masoud al Shaqsi, a former international referee and member of the Table Tennis association, expressed his hope, “The presence of the young players is an opportunity to interact and gain experience in preparation for the upcoming competitions, and we have certainly gained players who will be the core of Oman team in the upcoming tournaments”.

Al Shaqsi added “. We thank the organizing committee for the good reception and good organization. We also thank the Oman Olympic Committee for providing the opportunity for our young to take part which is considered positively in all its dimensions.”


Oman national cycling team ended their participation in the Gulf Games with one medal in the team category on the second day of the competition, which was held in Abu Dhabi during April 23 to 27.

In the individual competition, Mohammed al Fadhili and Ahmed al Ajmi, finished in seventh and eighth places, while the gold medal was won by Saudi Hussein Jaafar, his teammates Taha Zaki won the silver, and Obaid Al Suwaidi won the bronze.


Oman handball team stumbled against Bahrain in a match to determine third place and bronze medal on Friday at Al Bataeh Club hall in Sharjah with a score of 24-31. Omani players tried to keep up with Bahrain during the two halves of the match, but the difference in experience, preparation and contact was in favor of Bahrain.

National team achieved two victories in the tournament competitions over UAE teams with a score of 30-26 at the beginning and with Qatar with a score of 29-28.


Oman golf team maintained second place in the overall team standings in the competitions of the second day, which witnessed exciting competition among five Gulf teams. The UAE team is at the top of the team standings, and the Saudi team is in third place.


Masoud al Barwani, Oman Delegation official, said that “Oman players have succeeded in achieving good results so far. There is great hope for achieving a medal in this participation, and we hope that our players will exert more effort on the last day of the competition”


In Saturday billiards competition, Omani player Omar al Hamidi lost 6-7 to Saudi player Abdulrahman Al Mousa in the first round, and lost 2-7 in the second round. Al Zubair al Balushi lost to Bahraini player Haider Marum 7-2 in both rounds.