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At the conclusion of the GCC Women’s Sports Hackathon…

The project to nurturing and develop sports talents won first place


The project “Discovering, Nurturing, and Developing Sports Talents” from the Kingdom of Bahrain won first place at the conclusion of the GCC Women’s Sports Hackathon event, organized by Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), represented by Oman Women’s Sports and Gender Equality Committee, over two continuous days, where the closing ceremony was held the day before, “Monday.” at the Youth Center under the patronage of His Highness Sayyid Shihab bin Harib bin Thuwaini Al Said and in the presence of Sayyida Sana bint Hamad Al Busaidiyah, Chairperson of Oman for Women’s Sports and Gender Equality Committee, and a number of OOC Board of Directors and members of Oman Women’s Sports and Gender Equality Committee, and participants in the hackathon from GCC countries.


Promoting women’s sports


At the beginning of the ceremony, Sayyida Sanaa bint Hamad Al Busaidiyah, Chairperson of Oman Women’s Sports and Gender Equality Committee, delivered the opening speech, during which she welcomed the attendees. She pointed out the great developments that women’s sports have witnessed at the GCC level, the efforts made in this regard, and the organization of combined and individual championships for different categories, which It contributed to achieving rapid growth and desired development in the various specializations of women’s sports committees, in line with modern trends in women’s sports in light of the expertise and experience gained. She added: “This initiative, which was presented by the Oman Women’s Sports and Gender Equality Committee to GCC NOCs comes on the sidelines of the 35th meeting held in Muscat last October, with the aim of exchanging ideas and experiences regarding the promotion of GCC women’s sports, and is characterized by organizing specialized workshops.” It was presented by a group of distinguished and specialized trainers to develop the participants’ skills and help them devise solutions to develop women’s sports through the topics that were discussed and addressed, including a focus on community sports and investment opportunities for sports, in addition to innovative development initiatives and programmes.”


new experience

After that, participant Latifa Al-Salham from the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee – on behalf of the participants – gave a speech in which she expressed her happiness at participating in the GCC Women’s Sports Hackathon and experiencing this new experience. She said: “Three days were full of passion, work, hard work, perseverance, determination, and specific discussion in order to come up with an idea.” We are working to develop it so that it becomes a successful model for a project, initiative or program to develop women’s sports in the GCC countries.” She added: “Through this event, we sought to find ideas, solutions and proposals for programs, initiatives and projects that would develop the work system in GCC women’s sports and enrich the GCC arena with new applicable ideas that would empower women, society and all elements related to other sectors in women’s sports.” “.


The opening ceremony included a video presentation showing the programs and workshops that were held over two days, in addition to brainstorming sessions, and a summary of each project presented by the six teams.


Various projects and initiatives

The projects and initiatives presented were distinguished by their diversity, as each team created a different project in terms of field and concept. The Kingdom of Bahrain team presented the project “Discovery, Nurturing and Developing Sports Talents” in all sports for both genders in the junior category, while Oman “First” team presented the initiative to form an integrated volunteer team to serve sporting events and activities related to the women’s side. As for the Kuwaiti team, it presented the idea of reducing sports injuries through the use of professional trainers in the sports, psychological, and nutritional aspects, while the United Arab Emirates team presented a project to create an application that specializes in booking sports facilities available in the GCC countries and supports all segments of society. Oman “Second” team presented the project to establish the GCC Women’s Center for Sports Investment to support all community sports initiatives from all GCC countries, while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia team presented the “Our Hero” project, which is concerned with spreading women’s sports culture in primary schools from the age of 5 to 12 years. One year with the aim of preparing children to acquire multiple sports skills.


Sustainable sports investment

The 2nd day of the hackathon included the presentation of a workshop entitled Sustainable Sports Investment Opportunities presented by Trainer Adel Al-Hubaishi – an expert in strategic planning and business development – during which he touched on the nature of sports investment, its types, and its importance. He also reviewed examples of commercial work and some local and international experiences in this field. .


Building sports initiatives

Trainer Osama Al-Farsi – a development and learning consultant – also presented the fourth workshop, which focused on building sustainable sports initiatives and programs, where he addressed many important topics that aim to enhance the success and continuity of sports initiatives in the long term. He touched on several basic points, including the importance of activating sports initiatives, and the necessity of having a specific business model map that enables it to achieve its goals effectively. He also reviewed the long-term impact of sports initiatives, focusing on how to motivate society and maintain continuity of sports programs and projects by developing a framework that ensures their sustainability and success in the future.