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Sultanate of Oman Chairs 35th Meeting of GCC National Olympic Committee heads


MUSCAT, Oct 16


The Sultanate of Oman, represented by Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), headed the meeting of the 35th meeting of GCC NOCs Heads which was held in Muscat on Monday.  The meeting started with a speech delivered by the OOC chairman, Khalid Mohammed al Zubair, as he began with thanks to all the GCC members for their sincere efforts made to enhance the development of sports field. “ This is a great opportunity for all of us to be proud of the distinguished achievements that Gulf sports athletes have achieved regionally and globally. Our meeting came inline to the consultative approach that the Gulf Cooperation Council have always followed as a clear and efficient working methodology to coordinate policies and take appropriate decisions in the sports field. Also, to support the set plans for preparing the talented athletes by further development in various existing cooperation programs, diversifying Gulf sports tournaments and meetings, and raising their organizational and technical levels to serve as important stations for preparing for competitions and achieving achievements in major international sporting events,” he added


The Chairman of existing term of GCC NOCs Heads meeting affirmed that the meeting will result positive outcomes that will represent a new starting point towards strengthening joint Gulf action plan in various sports fields. “ This is an appropriate opportunity to emphasize the necessity of increasing the activation of cooperation programs, fruitful exchange of experiences, transferring successful experiences, and mutual benefits from the available sports facilities, investing all of this in providing and implementing purposeful programs and activities approved by the strategy for developing joint Gulf action in the sports field 2020. – 2028, which will contribute to shape the gulf youth athletes to climb the podiums in the most prestigious and essential continental and international sports events, “ he concluded


Later, Major General (Pilot) Issa Rashid Al Mohannadi, Assistant GCC Secretary General for Military Affairs, at the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council delivered a speech and he appreciated all the efforts made towards the registered accomplishments. “ The GCC countries have become a preferable destinations to hold many sporting tournaments and events at international and regional levels due to the availability of international standards of sporting facilities and well constructed infrastructures. Kuwait hosted in the previous year the Gulf Games with participation of more than 1900 athletes representing different sports. UAE will host inaugural edition of Youth Gulf Sports Games in Dubai city in April 2024 beside many other sporting events to take place soon in different gulf cities,” he added


The Assistant GCC Secretary General for Military Affairs concluded his speech by thanking all the members for their collaboration in developing the sporting field and for the executive office members for their hard work to prepare for the meeting.


During the meeting, the GCC NOCs Heads reviewed and approved many raised proposals by the executive office on their meeting on Sunday. The GCC NOCs Heads agreed on continuing the efforts towards following up on executing the strategic plan. Moreover, the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council is coordinating with the National Olympic Committees in the GCC countries in order to invite them to take the initiative to submit requests to host the Gulf Sports Championships to the National Olympic Committees. These requests will be referred to the dedicated committees to program and recommend the schedule of tournaments and events. The GCC NOCs Heads approved the requested recommendation. Also, they agreed on the raised proposals during the second meeting of the Advisory Committee for Sports of the Women’s Committee in the GCC countries.