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Various themes and rich discussions in the 5th semester of the Advanced Sports Management Diploma Program


The Sports Management Diploma program organized by Oman Olympic Committee, represented by Oman Olympic Academy, continues in cooperation with the International Olympic Solidarity. and sponsorship opportunities, and concludes tomorrow night, “Thursday.”

The 5th chapter is presented by the lecturer, Jaber bin Muhammad Al-Shabibi, where the chapter discusses the management of effective communication areas, ways to improve the quality of services for institutions, marketing from a strategic perspective, and an analysis of the relevance of the institution’s services in relation to the requirements of partners, in addition to analyzing the sponsorship program for sports institutions. On the first day, the participants gave visual presentations about the last chapter, “Management of Financial Affairs in the Olympic Sports Foundation”.

The Sports Management Diploma Program is one of the most important programs organized by Oman Olympic Academy for this year because it contains modern skills and concepts for those targeted in sports institutions, which is the latest book in the field of sports and submitted by the Olympic Solidarity. The last chapter is devoted to presenting the studies and final projects of the participants and evaluating the general return of this program. The International Olympic Committee grants a diploma in the Advanced Sports Management Program after the study submitted by each student fulfills the conditions for submission and evaluation by the program director.

With regard to the contents of the program, each of the chapters covers an important aspect of management and includes a number of secondary parts and illustrative tables supported by graphs. Each of the six chapters is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation of a specific applied study that explains to the participants how the Olympic Sports Foundation deals with the topics that have been discussed. As well as, introducing it during the semester, whether in the administrative, financial, marketing, strategic or human resources fields. The course also provides the highest level of development for participants who work in the sports and Olympic administrative fields in general.