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OOC organizes “Sports Medicine” Symposium



Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), represented by the Oman Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping Committee, organizes a sports medicine symposium in cooperation with Oman International Hospital, under the patronage of retired athlete Ali bin Abdullah Al Habsi and in the presence of Khalid bin Muhammad Al Zubair, OOC President, and Taha bin Suleiman Al Kishry, OOC Secretary General, a number of Board Members, members of Oman Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping Committee, members of sports federations and committees, physiotherapists, physical therapists, physical trainers, and cadres working in the relevant authorities.

The symposium aims to shed light on the specialization of sports medicine, which is one of the important medical specialties for different sports, as many athletes are exposed to sport injuries, which requires professional sports medicine specialists to be able to treat the injury optimally, so that, these injuries do not cause physical problems that may accompany the player later.  The symposium also aims to introduce the medical services that a sports medicine practitioner must master, and include a set of preventive measures such as injury prevention and adaptation, in addition to multiple treatments such as orthopedic treatment, physical rehabilitation, injections, and others.

The symposium program includes a welcome speech from Marcelo Pereira, CEO of Oman International Hospital, and an opening speech by Oman Sports Medicine and Anti-DopingCommittee.  Then, a visual presentation of the centers of excellence at Oman International Hospital, and an introductory tour of the hospital’s medical departments will be presented.

Then the scientific sessions of the symposium will start;  in the first scientific session, common sports injuries will be discussed and presented by Dr. Masoud Al Riyami, Chairman of Oman Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping Committee, and Shuaib Al Zadjali, a member, who will present a working paper on sports and anti-doping.

The second scientific session includes two working papers, where Majid Al-Wardi, a member of the committee, will present a working paper on heat and sun exposure in sports activities, and Dr. Mohamed Fawzy will also address orthopedic treatment.  After the two sessions, the discussion will be opened with the audience.

It is worth mentioning that Oman Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping Committee aims, through its programs and activities, to contribute to the rehabilitation and refinement of cadres working in the field of sports medicine and anti-doping in its various specialties, and to set a timetable for this through holding and organizing seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences on sports medicine and anti-doping and issuing  awareness and guidance publications and keenness to make use of them.  It also contributes to introducing the most important scientific developments and the outputs of refereed publications in the fields of sports medicine and anti-doping, enhancing the relevant knowledge of the target groups of athletes, specialists and administrators, and updating the regulation of sports medicine and anti-doping in accordance with the directions approved by the competent international committees and bodies.