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Wide participation in the “Oman Challenge” program from women sports leaders


Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), represented by Oman Women’s Sports and Gender Equality Committee, organized the “Oman Challenge for Women Sports Leaders” program in the Wilayat of Jabal Akhdar during the period from 4 to 6 October, in cooperation with Outward Bound Oman for Training and with the support of OQ company.

The program witnessed the participation of many women sports leaders, administrators and trainers from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, Youth, federations, sports committees, Women’s Sports Committee and relevant authorities. The event aims to strengthen relationships and the sporting aspect of women and providing them with life skills, including taking responsibility by taking a new experience in dealing with nature and breaking out of the ordinary, raising morale and motivating the team, as well as increasing productivity and performance, and developing the basic skills necessary to work and communicate effectively as a team.

In three days, the program included many activities, workshops, and various tours. On the first day, the course introduction and objectives were introduced, then the life planning activity was discussed to develop relationships and break down barriers. The workshop also included “Problem solving using the effective team model”. On the second day, the expedition began in the foothills of Jebel Akhdar by hiking and enjoying the landscapes of Jebel Akhdar, stopping along the way to explore the local plants and biodiversity of the mountain. The second day also dealt with the “Constructive Good Communication” session among the participants with the aim of knowing the method of good communication about leadership abilities, maintaining constructive relationships and exploring the different communication methods that women may encounter in the workplace, and raising awareness of their positions as an individual and as a team, and also an individual meditation session was conducted with the soul for all participants with the aim of connecting with nature, thinking about the experience of Oman Challenge, and planning for the future. The third day dealt with the final challenge to solve problems by extracting information and focusing on knowledge transfer. It also included a review of the course, activities and challenges that took place, camping experience, presentation of certificates and evaluation forms.