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OOC General Assembly chooses Al-Mu’tasim Al-Zadjali and Khaled Al-Wahaibi as Athletes Figures


Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) General Assembly chose Al-Mu’tasim bin Hammoud Al-Zadjali, who received 15 votes, and Sheikh Khalid bin Saeed Al-Wahaibi, who received 14 votes, as members of the General Assembly, as representatives of sports figures for the upcoming election cycle (2020+1-2024. This came during OOC regular general assembly meeting was held this morning at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Madinat Al Irfan.

The other two contenders, Salem bin Abdullah Al Masrouri, received two votes and Obaid bin Zayed Al Manouri, who received one vote. Fatima Al Nabhani and Hamad Al Khateri were chosen as representatives of the athletes in the General Assembly for the next cycle.

This was during the meeting ratification of the previous minutes of OOC ordinary general assembly held on April 22, and the approval of the formation of the elections and appeals committees that will be tasked with supervising the process of electing OOC board of directors for the next electoral cycle (2020+1-2024). The elections include Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad bin Hamad Al-Hadrami, Muhammad bin Saif bin Muhammad Al-Rashidi, Hajar bint Qambar bin Awad Al-Ajmiya, Nasser bin Suleiman Al-Zaidi, Ahmed bin Hamad Al-Mahmoudi, in addition to the committee’s reporter, Khalil bin Suleiman Al-Siyabi. The Appeals Committee also includes in its membership Zakaria bin Khalid bin Saeed Al Yahyai, ​​Jamal bin Salem bin Saif Al Nabhani, and Ismail bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Hinai, in addition to the committee’s rapporteur, Salem bin Muhammad Al Rawahi.

The date of February 28, 2022 was also approved as the date for the meeting of OOC Electoral General Assembly for the next cycle (2020+1-2024).

After the approval of its formation by General Assembly, the Elections Committee held its first meeting headed by Dr. Hamad Al-Hadrami, Chairman of the Committee, and the presence of its members. Part of the meeting was attended by Taha bin Sulaiman Al Kishry, OOC Secretary General.