Internal Events

Qurom Natural Reserve Forum

Oman Sports and Environment Committee participated in the first Qurom Natural Reserve forum under the slogan “Together .. for a sustainable reserve” organized by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs on October 21, 2019.

The forum targeted all society’s segments as it aimed to introduce Qurom Natural Reserve and its importance as one of the urban wetlands, and the definition of scientific methods that enable cities to manage and preserve these lands, as well as the definition of GCC wildlife agreement.

265 visitors participated in the activities which included the establishment of an exhibition, which was attended by many relevant authorities, and the establishment of competitions and recreational games, as well as a campaign to clean the reserve, as well as providing rowing boat tours. The exhibition also attracted owners of small projects, and a collection of bamboo wood consumables and reusable materials was displayed.

Free plants were distributed to the attendees and a number of publications and brochures of the reserve.