ٍSupporting Committees [Oman Women’s Sport Committee ]

Oman Women’s Sport Committee



  1. Devise a perspective of programmes and projects for women’s sports activities.
  2. Work towards activating women’s activities in private organizations operating in sports filed in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  3. Work towards increasing awareness and encouraging women to interact and involve in public life and support women’s connection with the society through the various media.
  4. Propose seminars and training courses for preparation of women sports cadres and hone them administratively and technically in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  5. Cooperate and coordinate with concerned government authorities to boost women’s activities and events.
  6. Cooperate and coordinate with GCC, OCA and IOC women’s sport committees and continental and international women’s sports organizations to be benefit of women teams taking part in external competitions.
  7. Coordinate and cooperate with the Sultanate’s sports associations and committees in carrying out programme for preparing women teams for external participations.
  8. Organize and hold women’s sport festivals in governorates and introduce attractive methods and mechanisms for women to exercise sport.
  9. Cooperate and coordinate with the concerned authorities to ensure proper playgrounds, sports halls and other sports facilities which suit privacy of women in the society.
  10. Any other duties assigned to the committee.


جميع الحقوق محفوظة اللجنة الأولمبية العمانية 2016 . عدد الزوار