[Oman Basketball Association]

Oman Basketball Association


Terms of Reference:

  • Devise plans and programmes that are necessary for it to disseminate the game in the Sultanate of Oman, uplift its standard and develop it technically by pursuing modern scientific and technical principles and international rules approved by FIBA.


  • Manage the game affairs in all technical, financial and organizational aspects, put in place plans and programmes for their participation in the Association’s activities and events and oversee and follow up their implementation 


  •  Establish principles, rules and programmes intended to regulate coaching affairs and the conditions that must be satisfied by national and foreign coaches of the Association’s member clubs


  • Observe and preserve international rules, principles and regulations of the game and work towards implementing them, protecting amateurship and putting in place the rules and regulations required for professionalism to be duly regulated subject to the FIBA established rules.


  • Organize and supervise execution of competitions, championships and matches among its members, establish principles, rules and conditions for this purpose and grant titles, winning positions and relevant prizes.


  • Prepare and supervise national teams to represent the Sultanate of Oman in world, Olympic, continental and regional tournaments and all other championships


  • Permit teams of its members to play foreign teams in matches, competitions and championships whether inside or outside the Sultanate of Oman in consistence with the provisions of the Law.


  • Conduct game-related researches and studies, organize conferences concerned with this matter and set up specialized centers for this purpose.


  • Regulate activity and coordinate efforts among the members, provide them with opinion and advice and work towards settling any differences that may arise among them in accordance with the rules set forth by the FIBA


  • Represent the Sultanate in international sports conferences and meetings, and organize such conferences and meetings if held in the Sultanate after coordination with the Ministry of Sports Affairs


  • Approve registration of players with member clubs and organizations and their participation in various competitions in accordance with the Association issued regulations and the FIBA approved technical rules


  • Establish rules and principles regulating release of players and their transfer to other sports clubs inside or outside the Sultanate subject to the rules set by the Asian Basketball Federation and the FIBA


  • Combat doping in coordination with the Omani Anti-Doping Committee and impose appropriate penalties on offenders in accordance with the regulations and rules issued by the concerned international organizations
  • Grant necessary approvals to organizations wishing to organize championships or competitions of the game locally, regional, continentally or worldly after coordination with the Ministry of Sports Affairs

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