[Oman Hockey Federation]

Oman Hockey Federation

The game of hockey is one of the oldest games known to Omanis in the Sultanate of Oman, where the exercise began in the early last century, but on a small scale with limited exercise in the capital Muscat among the Asian communities, and then it spread among members of Omani society.

Federation was founded in Oman Hockey 1973, Mr. Sayyid Hilal bin Badr Al Busaidi is one of the founders of hockey in the Sultanate. The federation was publicized by the Ministerial Decision No. 59/83 on 18 October 1983 with H.E. Nayef bin Obeid Al Salami being its first chairman. The association joined the membership of the International Federation in 1978, as the Asian Federation in 1977and membership of the Arab Federation in 1990.

It has 24 member clubs from various areas of the Sultanate. A large number of schools of the Ministry of Education are involved in the association’s activities, which reflects the amount of large and active participation in the programs and activities of the association. The association governs the diverse and miscellaneous activities of the Omani Hockey and annually organizes the Cup of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, which began in 1971. It also maintains the general league of clubs of first and second divisions as well as domestic competitions, including the Ministry of Education Cup. The League schools and league clubs, schools league and joint league of clubs and private organizations.

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